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Cookies for Santa from Spoon University

In America it is tradition for children to leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk out on Christmas Eve for Santa Clause. In all honesty, I’m not sure if this is a practice in other parts of the world, but it makes sense if you think about it. I mean, if he’s going to be delivering presents all night, he’s going to need a sugar high or something to keep him awake, right??

Now, for the set up. You’re going to need some Santa worthy cookies to share. Use a family recipe or try one of these amazing Christmas cookie recipes.

Next, make sure you have some fresh, cold milk. Santa needs to wash those yummy cookies down with something!

Once you have the cookies and milk, you need a plate to present the goodies on. While an ordinary plate would suffice, many families enjoy serving St. Nick his cookies on a special, decorative plate. See below for some Christmas cookie plate options. (all are below $30)

Red Christmas Cookie Plates

Red is a classic Christmas color. Put one of these out to add a bit of color!

White Christmas Cookie Plates

There are tons of cookie plate designs with white backgrounds. These are a good option if you want the plate to have a special message written on it.

Shaped Christmas Cookie Plates

The following options all have a curved edge. This can be a nice feature of holidays plates or trays that make them more convenient for transporting food and minimizing dropped food.

  • Snowflake Tray from Crate and Barrel – White goes with anything, and so will this cookie platter!
  • Santa Shaped Plate from Ali Express – This cartoon of Santa is so cute! Use him to store your cookies or just as a decoration.
  • Christmas Tree Shaped Plate from Target – This one is a super cheap option. If that is a priority for you, check it out.

Fun Christmas Cookie Plates

Want something a little more unconventional? Try out one of these.

  • Plate with Chalkboard section from Amazon – The chalkboard section on this one will allow you to write a personal note to Santa! So precious.
  • Cookie Holder Mug from Etsy – This mug/cookie holder combo is way too cute. Santa wouldn’t be able to resist eating a cookie from there.
  • Wooden Christmas Cookie Board from Quietly Creative Shop – If you’re wanting a wood option, this is perfect!

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