Everything You Need To Get Your Glamping Party On

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Ah the great outdoors. Fresh air, campfires, rugs, and throw pillows. Here’s everything you need to get your glamping party on.

The Tent

Any tent can become a glamping tent. Bringing a little bit of home and comfort to the outdoors is what makes the magic happen. If your tent is larger you will have more space to add accessories without feeling claustrophobic. But no worries if you have a tiny tent. We can make that work too. Check out this tent from Amazon that is often associated with glamping.



Lighting is what brings the nighttime to life when glamping. Add lights any way you can to give your camp a special glow. You could make these cute mason jar lights by mixing glue with water so you can paint it on the inside of the jar. Then grab some glitter and roll it around in the jar to get it stuck to the glue. Once it’s dry add a tea candle and you have glamping lights for inside the tent, on the picnic table, or lining a path.


For convenience try some battery powered lights. These fun globe fairy lights are not only battery powered but they come with a remote. hang them from tree to tree, on top of your tent, or inside your tent for a glamping glow.



Everyone wants a comfy chair to lounge in while camping. When we are glamping we have to take it up a notch. Here are some more glamorous chairs than your run of the mill camp chair. They will help you get your glamping party on.

Check out this pretty little thing from Amazon. Who wouldn’t feel a little fancier sitting in this chair?


If you’re looking for a little more plush from your glamping chair try this faux fur saucer chair from Amazon. Imagine your little glampers lounging in their faux fur chairs while eating a s’more. Classic.


Glamping Mattresses

An awesome glamping mattress would be to bring your very own from home. Since this isn’t always a possibility another option is to get an air mattress. This one from Amazon is queen size. I love how it sits up off the floor (and gives you storage space underneath). Now add a soft comforter and some plush pillows and you are officially glamping.


For the kiddos you could bring something like this floor lounger cover. You stuff it full of your 5 fluffiest pillows and it turns camping into glamping.


Touches Of Home

Grab this buffalo plaid check rug to use as a doormat for your tent, at the foot of your bed, or as part of your glamping living room surrounded by chairs.


Imagine how magical your tent (or anywhere in your campsite) would look if you hung one of these hanging sphere lights from inside your tent to act as your chandelier. They are battery powered and come with a remote controller. Feels pretty magical.


Next to your super comfy mattress set up some of these nightstands. Then add your accessories on top. Maybe a battery powered lamp or some flowers in a container. How about a picture of your family. The options are endless for how this little nightstand can be a big part of your glamping adventure.


Use this list as your checklist for everything you need to get your glamping party on. It’ll make for a great adventure and memories that will last a lifetime. Happy glamping!

Everything You Need to Get Your Glamping Party On

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