Tips to Save Money On Your Wedding Reception


For most, getting married is one of the best days you experience as a couple. There is nothing like the adrenaline you feel when planning your perfect wedding day. However, it’s easy to get caught up in all the glamour and flashy options to choose from. Nonetheless, getting married should not start a new couple off with loads of debt. Read these few tips to help you have your perfect wedding without breaking the bank.

Wedding Reception Personal Touch

When planning weddings, we all have a specific vision of what we wish to achieve for the special day. It can be a challenge to rely on a professional planner or the venue supervisors to make your dreams come true and stay on budget. An alternative to this is making as much as you can on your own. You’ll be able to justify your exact hopes and also save money. Being as involved as you can with the decor will allow you and your significant other’s personalities to shine through. One way of doing so is by hanging wall photo frames to create a gallery wall of precious moments of the both of you for guests to enjoy. This is an inexpensive way to incorporate decor, as well as the perfect personal touch to the wedding. Having a “do-it-yourself” approach will ensure your dream wedding comes to life all while saving money.

save money on your wedding

Simple Centerpieces for Wedding Reception

There are endless ideas for wedding reception centerpieces. If you wish to have fresh flowers, it can be an area of wedding planning that tends to be on the pricier side. However, there are several ways to cut back on this expense. Do your research on different flowers because some are just as gorgeous but half the price. Some include carnations, baby’s breath, gladiolus, or even succulents! You could also plant herbs in terracotta pots and put those on the tables, too! There are several different inexpensive centerpiece ideas; all you need to do is great a little creative.

save money on your wedding

Stick to Your Budget

It’s crucial to have your budget in the back of your mind at all times. Continuously think about ways you can save money. You should know your non-negotiable items on the wedding list, too. For example, the venue, food and drinks, DJ, and wedding dress might be items on your list that you don’t want to compromise on the price. There are going to be inevitable areas of the wedding that you cannot save money but always look far into things before swiping your card. For example, there’s a significant amount of DJs to consider. Do some digging and look into reviews and get quotes to get your best quality and price. Using your creativity will allow you to save money for your special day, so you don’t have to sacrifice the non-negotiable areas. Find out more about how to budget here.

Take these tips and create the wedding of your dreams! Anything is possible when thinking outside of the box and using the resources around you. Ask for help and dive right into making things yourself and spending the time to dig deeper into non-negotiable aspects. Your wedding day is going to be a day that you remember forever, so take the extra time to make it perfect for you and your special partner. 

Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

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