Last Splash Bachelorette Party

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Everything you need to host a Mermaid-themed bridal shower! Make your bride’s last splash one to remember!

Do you have a friend who is trading in her mermaid tail for a wedding veil? These simple mermaid bridal shower/bachelorette party ideas will help you throw a perfect last-splash soiree to celebrate! I combined the ideas of a mermaid bridal shower and last splash bachelorette party for one fun festivity!

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

If you’ve been around long, you might recognize these decorations from my daughters mermaid birthday party. They are indeed, the very same decorations! Held just one week apart, I got double use out of these fantastic pieces! I’m already dreaming up more party designs for that mint green sequin tablecloth. It’s my new favorite party piece!

Let’s dive in and detail all the bits from this shell-abration!

Mermaid Bridal Shower Invitation Printable

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

The adorable invitations were purchased from a shop on etsy called Your Main Event Prints. What I like most about them (aside from their inexpensive price) is that I downloaded them and was able to edit the information myself. This gave me double use out of them since I used them for my daughters party as well.

Mermaid Bridal Shower Food

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

Oh, the food. Why is it always the best part of any party?! Since it was a brunch shower, we stayed fresh and light. Watermelon, blueberries, canteloup, grapes were served with a whip cream and yogurt dip (1 12oz tub cool whip, 2 4 oz strawberry yogurts). My sister made the tastiest breakfast sliders. Here’s what they had in them:

Breakfast Sliders:

  • Kings Hawaiian Rolls
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Spiral Ham

They were assembled and kept warm in the oven, and they were divine. I might have had 4 (but who is counting?).

Mermaid Bridal Shower Games

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

Following my rule of 3 games/activities from this post kept the planning simple. We of course played Bridal Shower Bingo. It’s my favorite! We also set out advice cards – shown above and linked to in this post. Lastly, we played the mustaches/lips game explained in this post. 

Mermaid Bridal Shower Favors

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

Aren’t these darling?! Pre-packaged rice crispy treats saved the day on these! I used candy melt chocolates to paint the mint green tail, then piped more on top to add the scales. The purple round bits? Those are baby freeze dried yougurt melts! Genius, right?!

Mermaid Bridal Shower Decorations

Decorating a party is my favorite part of the whole celebration! These mermaid bridal shower decorations were easy to find and really fun to work with. But, really, it was so hard to get great pictures with the lighting, so sorry about that!

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

Taking a fish net decoration and folding it in half, I filled it with colorful balloons and tied it shut with pieces of jute twine. You can find this LAST SPLASH iridescent garland here

On the table I draped a mint green sequin tablecloth on the top of the table. Blue glass beads were then scattered over it. The amazing coral pieces are from Pottery Barn (thanks to my sister for letting me borrow them!). In front of the table I attached an iridescent fringe table skirt and layered a purple tissue tassel garland over it.  

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

Over the fireplace mantle I hung an iridescent garaland and a half moon fan garland (that mimics the shape of seashells). 

Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

Using the background image from the invitations, I created a few cute signs to put around the party. I use these picture frames for nearly every party. They are $1 at Ikea and are so durable!

It was a really special morning spent with our family and friends to celebrate my nieces. We had a lot of fun putting together this special shower just for her. I hope you find these ideas useful as you put together your own mermaid bridal shower or last splash bachelorette party!

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