How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party

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Make this your best Super Bowl party yet!! Here are ideas from invitations to food to decor and even activities for the kids!

Chances are that if you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, you know a thing or two about football….Or at least enough to cheer when your team makes a touchdown. I’ll admit, that’s about where I was at a few years ago. Don’t worry though, I’ve learned a thing or two.

One thing I learned is that Super Bowl Games have been going on for close to 60 years. You know what that means? There’s been close to 60 years for people to perfect the art of celebrating and making football party food.

That doesn’t matter though. You can still have the BEST Super Bowl Party around. Here are my tips and tricks for throwing a party worthy of a Vince Lombardi Trophy of your own!!


Ok so this is my take on the whole party thing. Are formal invitations necessary? If you’re wanting a head count or for people to bring food to share, then yes! Invitations are what take an event from a casual gathering to a full blown party.

You could always make your own in Canva or other simple editing apps. Another option is to purchase a download/printable like the one below!


Football and food just go together. They are like best friends never to be separated. Check out our blog posts on Super Bowl snacks, recipes, and dessert dips to take your party to the next level!!


  • Have more food than you think could possibly be eaten – People will graze during the multiple hour long game.
  • Have paper/plastic plates and utensils on hand – No one wants to wash a million dishes. You’ll either want to celebrate your team winning or console a loss with some ice cream.
  • Be explicit if there are any parts of your home that you don’t want food eaten in. It’s much easier to prevent then to fix afterwards.
  • Have trash cans out where people can see them with a fresh bag (line them with a couple). Self explanatory
  • Lay down table cloths. This will help with spills, crumbs, and post-game clean up.

Also, if you have a really big crowd coming, it might be helpful to invite your guests to bring something to share. Recently charcuterie boards have been really big, so everyone could bring a themed charcuterie board to share. Here are a few potential themes:

  • Fried Foods and Dips Board – Mozzarella sticks, fries, onion rings, etc.
  • Fruit and Dessert Dips
  • Veggies and Wings/Chicken Tenders
  • Cheese Call with Assorted Meats and Crackers
  • Build Your Own Slider
  • Chips and Candy


Since the Super Bowl is something that happens annually, you can make football themed decorations and then reuse them every year!

Just a few touches can make this party feel more festive than your other watch parties throughout the year! Here are some cute, inexpensive designs from Making Manzanita to theme your space.


If you have young kids, you know that sitting through hours of football doesn’t always work so well for them. They will munch on all the snacks and then ask how much of the game is left.

Here are some great game day activities to keep them occupied and engaged during the big game.

In football there are a lot of moving parts. Parties are the same way. It can feel like there’s a lot to plan and put together. Use these tips to make your party a touchdown!

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