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Sewing Themed Brunch

This weekend I hosted a sewing themed brunch for my parents to honor my Mom for Mother’s Day. My mom is and always has been a lover of all things fabric, lace and thread. Growing up she would reupholster furniture to bring in extra income, sew the majority of our clothes and make clothes for our dolls and barbies. Now that she and my dad are retired she spends most of her time making quilts for humanitarian efforts, tatting leper bandages or making quilts for her kids and grand kids  She makes a quilt whenever any of them are born, for their first Christmas and when they get married. Since she has 9 kids and 42 grandkids, she’s pretty much in her sewing room (the largest two rooms in our house) all the time.

I thought it would be fitting to have sewing as the our theme for the decor. It also meant that gathering supplies would be super easy. I just raided her stuff, filled up my trunk and I was all set! I think it turned out really pretty. She was extremely touched and happy when she saw it – which was all I wanted.

Sewing Brunch Party

For the food table:

– I pulled some fabric through embroidery hoops and hung them on the wall.

– I accented the food table with a feather weight antique sewing machine and its case.

– I filled bowls and a cake stand with lots of lace ribbon/trim and tatting thread.

– I also added tatted doilies that were made by my Mom and Great Grandma.

IMG_9338 IMG_9314 Sewing Food DisplaySewing Party Display 

I wanted the food to be really feminine and decadent (it was a special occasion after all).

I served fresh raspberries and blueberries with freshly whipped cream.

Berries & Cream Brunch

I made a Strawberry Banana smoothie and some flavored water.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The breakfast casserole was really delicious (probably thanks to the amount of butter and bacon in it). I used the recipe found here and just did just under 1/2 for the pie plate and substituted bacon for ham – and I’ll be honest I used about 6 tbsp of butter instead of just 4. 🙂

Breakfast Casserole

And, really, what brunch is set without a few Orange and Raspberry rolls with cream cheese frosting from Shirley’s Bakery?

Shirley's Rolls

Sewing Themed Party Decor

For the dining table:

– I covered it with a tatted lace table cloth made by my great grandmother – isn’t it incredible?!

– I filled painted mason jars with carnations in shades of pink  and pinned a length of eyelet lace around each one as a little skirt. For the center I filled a large vase with Lilies (that my Mom got to take home).

– I set the table with antique plates, mason drinking jars and cloth napkins that had a measuring tape/pin napkin ring (one of my favorite details).

– I added framed photos of me and my mom from when we were infants.

Brunch decorations

Flowers & Lace   Sewing napkin rings Brunch table decor   Brunch table decor 2 

It was a beautiful brunch with delicious food, great company and very pretty decor. Happy Mother’s Day!


Wedding Wednesday: Pink & Gray Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

My sisters and I worked together to throw a brunch bridal shower for my beautiful niece, Alix. I had a lot of fun creating the decorations. Bridal Showers can be an expensive event to host, but if you plan it right and have a few people sharing the load, you can still have a really elegant event without breaking the bank.

I started by spraying gray cardstock and paper doilies with silver glitter spray. Then I used them to turn into the garlands. I used a Silhouette machine to cut out the heart shapes and sewed them together to make several garlands. Then I used them along with cardstock letters to create a “True Love” garland. I was going to spell out their names, but realized that if I kept it generic I could let others borrow it for their own bridal showers – AND – it could be used at Valentines Day for my decorations. 🙂 Smart thinking, right?

Doily Garland & Heart Garlands

This photo shows the sparkle a little better.

True Love Garland Favor Center

For the favors I purchased pink tulle circles in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby and filled them with butter mints. I printed the sign and framed it, adding a few hearts to the photo mat.

Bridal Shower favors

Over the food on the kitchen island, I hung strands of the heart garland, glitter sprayed doilies and pink and gray metallic tissue paper pom poms.

bridal shower decor You know how it goes, when you are getting things ready you don’t always get photos after the party starts – so this is the only one I had of the drinks – before they were filled. We served water with lemon and orange juice. The containers were simply accented with a glittered doily and a drink label.

Drink Center

Guests were invited to build their own parfait with the choice of raspberry or vanilla yogurt, homemade granola and frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries).

Yogurt Parfaits

We also served delicious Shirley’s sweet rolls in Orange, Cinnamon and Raspberry. I think I ate at least 3. They are so incredible! Then to round out the menu a honey baked spiral ham (not pictured) was kept warm in a crock pot for guests as well.

Bridal Shower sweet rolls with bride and groom picks

We kept the activities simple, but since this was her only shower there were friends as well as both sides of the family and the games helped bring everyone together. As described in this post, we played the Mustaches & Lips game as well as the Connect 4 game while she opened gifts.

Mustache & Lips Game

Celebrate Spring with a Wreath!

Spring is here and the weather has FINALLY warmed up here. I feel like celebrating the end of a VERY cold winter and wanted a new wreath for my front door to do it. I didn’t want to spend $50 or even $25 for one, so, I purchased an 18-inch wrapped straw wreath form for $5 at Hobby Lobby and used leftover fabric from my daughters room to create this:

Spring Wreath Fabric Flowers

I used the brown burlap-like fabric to wrap around the entire wreath. I had to use several strips, I just made sure to trim the pieces so the ends would always be at the back of the wreath. Then I made four types of fabric flowers and a scallop garland to decorate.

Fabric Flowers

Flower 1: I twisted a 1 1/2 inch wide strip of fabric and rolled it into a flower and glued the back to hold it.

Flower 2: I rolled up some pink ric-rac ribbon into rosettes and glued the back to hold it together.

Flower 3: I stitched along the bottom edge of a 1 1/2 inch strip of fabric and then pulled the stitching together to gather it into a flower shape, I then glued the two ends together and used a small circle of fabric to cover the center.

Flower 4: I cut out 6 flower shaped pieces of fabric (4 petal flower shape) and then folded those into fourths. I snipped the bottom corner off and glued it to a circle fabric base. I did four sides that way and then two in the center.

Scallop Garland: I used a bottle to trace and cut out six circles and folded them over a length of pink embossing thread and used a hot glue gun to secure them.

The whole project from start to finish took me an hour and 15 minutes (my daughter was napping, otherwise it would have taken twice that long) and cost me only the $5 for the wreath form. I love how it turned out and love that in the fall I can switch out the flowery prints for more Autumnal colors and get even more use out of the wreath!

What decorations do you like to add to your home to celebrate Spring?

Link up in the comments section to your spring wreaths.

Wedding Wednesday: Hors d’oeuvres reception

If you are planning a smaller reception/open house for your wedding, 100 guests or less (that is smaller for Utah), consider an hors d’oeuvres reception (yes, I did have to look up how to spell that, it’s a tricky word!). I wish I had done something like this for my own wedding because it provides a more social atmosphere by encouraging mingling. Your event will feel more like a party than if you serve a sit down meal. It may even be less expensive than the sit down meal, based on what you select to serve and it will definitely be more fun!

Here are some Hors d’oeuvres reception ideas to consider:


As long as you note on your invitation the type of event, guests will know what to plan for and won’t come expecting a meal. Plan for 6-8 bites per person. For lots of fun mini-food ideas visit here.

mini-burgers-and-fries mini-veggie-dips

You can have food stations placed around the room, have them passed by waiters (or willing nieces and nephews who otherwise would be running around causing a scene), or you could do a combination of both – have a few food stations around the room and then have a few items passed that fit the theme of your wedding.

I love using a Mini Plastic Dessert Cup and Mini Tasting Spoons to help control portion size!

Here are two important tips:

1- The more items you offer, the more you will need to prepare because chances are there will be many who want to taste it all. If you’d be safe to offer 3 savory, 3 sweet and two drink options.

2- Help yourself out by portioning the food for guests. Place a few veggies in a cup with some dip rather than placing everything on trays and allowing guests to portion items themselves.


diet coke cocktails

It is less common in Utah to offer an open bar because of the demographics. However, I love the idea of having an open soda bar. Have a station where guests can have a “bar tender” pour them a glass of their favorite soda and offer syrup mix-ins to make it fun. Or, do an Italian soda bar or offer a signature mocktail (that’s a nonalcoholic cocktail).


cocktail round

Rather than setting up large banquet round tables, go for tall cocktail rounds and add in a few that are low with 4 chairs per table. The way you set the room will tell guests what you want them to do. If you have large rounds with 8-10 chairs they will sit down and not move. But if they are at a cocktail round they will be up and will be more likely to socialize with each other.


wedding band

To continue the party atmosphere I really like the idea of live music for this type of wedding. You could do a band, a pianist, dueling pianos or something unique to your wedding theme (like steel drums). You could also choose to go with a DJ who will help keep the party going.

Image credits: burgers/veggies, diet coke, cocktail rounds, band

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