Easter Bunny Craft

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I always see the EOS Lip Balm right by the register at Walmart. The last time I had a little light bulb moment!  I saw a cute little Easter Bunny in my mind.  I had to turn around, grab a couple of sheets of felt ($.23 each) and make it. So I did!

Easter Bunny Lip Balm Craft - Events To Celebrate

I plan to give these as gifts to some women I think could use a little pick-me-up, but when my daughter saw me making them she really wanted one – so I guess I’ll be making a few more to include in Easter baskets in a few weeks. Luckily, they are really easy to make! Let me show you how.

Easter Bunny Lip Balm Craft


I freehand cut out one bunny ear (actually I cut 3 until I got one I liked) and then used it as a template to make the others I needed. Then I repeated that process for the feet. My ears and feet are both about 1 1/4″ long. I used hot glue to adhere the whites of the ears to the pink. You’ll notice that I left a tab at the bottom of each ear, that’s how I glued it to the top of the lip balm. I was worried that if I didn’t leave that, the ears would just fall over.

I added a couple cute googly eyes and then drew on the nose and mouth with a fine tip sharpie marker.

Easter Bunny Craft - Events To Celebrate

Last, I glued a fluffy white craft pom pom to the back for the bunny tail.

The EOS Lemon Twist  would make really cute CHICKS! I better add that to my Easter basket too!

I really think they turned out super cute and they were only a few dollars!! They would also be easy to make with plastic Easter Eggs, but you may need to add a circle of hot glue to the bottom so they stand on one end. Happy Easter Crafting!

Easter craft

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