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Sewing Themed Brunch

This weekend I hosted a sewing themed brunch for my parents to honor my Mom for Mother’s Day. My mom is and always has been a lover of all things fabric, lace and thread. Growing up she would reupholster furniture to bring in extra income, sew the majority of our clothes and make clothes for our dolls and barbies. Now that she and my dad are retired she spends most of her time making quilts for humanitarian efforts, tatting leper bandages or making quilts for her kids and grand kids  She makes a quilt whenever any of them are born, for their first Christmas and when they get married. Since she has 9 kids and 42 grandkids, she’s pretty much in her sewing room (the largest two rooms in our house) all the time.

I thought it would be fitting to have sewing as the our theme for the decor. It also meant that gathering supplies would be super easy. I just raided her stuff, filled up my trunk and I was all set! I think it turned out really pretty. She was extremely touched and happy when she saw it – which was all I wanted.

Sewing Brunch Party

For the food table:

– I pulled some fabric through embroidery hoops and hung them on the wall.

– I accented the food table with a feather weight antique sewing machine and its case.

– I filled bowls and a cake stand with lots of lace ribbon/trim and tatting thread.

– I also added tatted doilies that were made by my Mom and Great Grandma.

IMG_9338 IMG_9314 Sewing Food DisplaySewing Party Display 

I wanted the food to be really feminine and decadent (it was a special occasion after all).

I served fresh raspberries and blueberries with freshly whipped cream.

Berries & Cream Brunch

I made a Strawberry Banana smoothie and some flavored water.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The breakfast casserole was really delicious (probably thanks to the amount of butter and bacon in it). I used the recipe found here and just did just under 1/2 for the pie plate and substituted bacon for ham – and I’ll be honest I used about 6 tbsp of butter instead of just 4. 🙂

Breakfast Casserole

And, really, what brunch is set without a few Orange and Raspberry rolls with cream cheese frosting from Shirley’s Bakery?

Shirley's Rolls

Sewing Themed Party Decor

For the dining table:

– I covered it with a tatted lace table cloth made by my great grandmother – isn’t it incredible?!

– I filled painted mason jars with carnations in shades of pink  and pinned a length of eyelet lace around each one as a little skirt. For the center I filled a large vase with Lilies (that my Mom got to take home).

– I set the table with antique plates, mason drinking jars and cloth napkins that had a measuring tape/pin napkin ring (one of my favorite details).

– I added framed photos of me and my mom from when we were infants.

Brunch decorations

Flowers & Lace   Sewing napkin rings Brunch table decor   Brunch table decor 2 

It was a beautiful brunch with delicious food, great company and very pretty decor. Happy Mother’s Day!


Wedding Wednesday: Brunch Wedding

Let’s be honest, in Utah we do weddings WAY different than the rest of the world. But, most of the weddings that are done in Utah are so similar! So, I thought it would be fun to suggest a unique idea that would throw your family and friends for a loop! Not only is it a different experience than the traditional 6-8 pm open house at the church, a brunch wedding has a lot of benefits for the budget. Almost any wedding venue around has less expensive pricing for a daytime event vs. an evening affair. If you are only inviting family, chances are they are taking the day off of work anyway, and you can go one step further in the budget savings by also hosting it on a weekday. Also, if you are planning a wedding that has a very short planning period, a brunch wedding may be the only way to secure the venue you really want if it is during wedding season.

These days, weddings are so focused on the experience. That’s why there is so much emphasis on selecting a theme, color palette and venue that all work together to provide your guests with an event they will long remember. That is why the brunch wedding is so much fun! Chances are, most of them have never attended one, so there aren’t any preconceptions or expectations to fulfill. You really have a blank canvas to do whatever you want with! Standard “brunch” time is anything after 9:00 am and before 12:00 pm. So if you get married at 9:00 am and then start the brunch at 10:30 or 11:00 am you are golden!


You really have to consider the venue you select. Make sure you go there at the time of day you will be holding your event so you can see how the lighting makes the room feel. Consider an outdoor venue. If the reception is taking place early on a mid-Summer day, it might be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather before the day gets too hot. Look for venues that may not work for an evening wedding, but would be perfect for a brunch – like a greenhouse, garden or city park that has lush greenery and blooming flowers.

I love the idea of a soft, misty color palette to mimic a dewy morning that is a little bit crisp but sunny:

brunch wedding misty

misty waters

Or you could incorporate the food into your decor by mixing flowers and berries in the decor:bright fruity 2

bright fruity

I also LOVE the citrus color palette for a morning event to go along with the fruit you’ll be serving:citrus colors


Brunch Buffet

There are so many fun things you could do for a brunch because it doesn’t have to be totally breakfast or totally lunch food. If you’re going casual, pick a few things to feature and let your guests nibble as they visit or make it fancy by offering live stations (like the omelette or ham carving) or a plated meal.

You could include any or all of the following:

Waffle, french toast or crepes bar

Omelette station, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, quiche or frittata

Spiral honey glazed ham, sausage or bacon

Sweet raspberry, orange or cinnamon rolls, croissants, bagels, english muffins, toast, sweet breads (banana, lemon, zuchini, etc), danishes, tarts, donuts and muffins

Hashbrowns or home fries

Bread pudding or rice pudding

Fruit and yogurt parfait station

Sliced fruit and cheese

Biscuits and gravy

Garden, vegetable or fruit salads

Pasta with different sauces

Fresh selection of juices and flavored waters


Since there isn’t really any precedence, you can land anywhere on the scale from really casual to really formal. The venue you select and your invitations will tell your guests a lot about what they can expect and how they should dress themselves. Make sure both of these things reflect your personality as a bride and groom and give the appropriate vibe to your guests.


Keep with your brunch theme and send guests home with something to help them remember your special day, like:

Homemade jam or local honey

honey favor

A small Simply Orange/Lemonade/Apple/ with two striped paper straws tied with ribbon and a cute tag that says, “You’re simply the best!”

simply orange

A trail mix station or small containers filled with premixed trailmix would be a great thing to send home with your guests.

trail mix favor

Be original and plan a wedding brunch to celebrate your special day! You’ll save on your budget, surprise your guests, and best of all – you’ll be off to your honeymoon by late afternoon!

Image credits: Misty wedding, misty wedding waters, flowers and berries, citrus wedding, brunch menu, honey, trail mix


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