5 Things To Keep Your Kids Busy Until The Ball Drops

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Those hours until midnight can seem to drag by if the kids aren’t entertained. Here are 5 things to keep your kids busy until the ball drops.

Video Year In Review

We all have recording devices of some sort. So pull them out and get recording. You could start by having the kids state their name and age and the year. Then start asking questions like what was their favorite movie for the year or best vacation memory. The options are endless and Artsy Fartsy Mama has a list of questions to get you started with. Then the next New Year’s Eve you can sit down and watch your past year in reviews. This would definitely keep you and your kids busy until the ball drops.

Artsy Fartsy Mama

Sparkle Slime

It’s a whole thing right now. Slime. You can make all kinds of colors and add things ins when making slime. Check out this recipe for festive New Year’s sparkle slime with glitter in it. It’ll keep the kids busy making it and while they are playing with it.

Premeditated Leftovers

Paint Splatter Goals

The New Year is all about those resolutions and New Year’s Eve would be a great time to have the kids write them down. Even better, have the kids paint them. Buggy and Buddy had the idea to use a paint canvas and put some painters tape on it to leave the white spaces for writing. Then paint the canvas one color and splatter all different colors. When you take the paint off you have these nice white lines that you can then write your goals in. A special piece of artwork to hang where your child can look at it often and remember their goals.

Buggy and Buddy

I Spy

This takes me back to my Where’s Waldo days and my kids can’t get enough of these things. Try one of these New Year’s Eve themed free printable I Spy pages for the kids to do until the ball drops.

Little Bins For Little Hands

Time Capsule

You can look back on the year with this free printable time capsule. It has lots of fill in the blanks for memories, current events, and even the price of milk! Another fun thing to save and pull out again next New Year’s Eve.

Mandy’s Party Printables

Sometimes those hours between dinner and midnight can drag on when you are entertaining little ones. Try one of these 5 things to keep your kids busy until the ball drops to ring in your New Year and make some memories too.

Things To Keep Your Kids Busy Until The Ball Drops

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