Best Products for a New Mom

Best Products for a New Mom -

Headed to a baby shower and don’t know what to get? 

I had our son just over three months ago and wanted to share with you some of what I think are the best products for a new mom. It’s amazing to me what I’ve discovered this time that I wish I’d had with my daughter. So, whether you are looking for yourself or shopping for a gift – take my advice, these items are sure to help them out whether it’s their first or fifth child.

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Best Products for a New Mom

1- Oxi Clean Gel
My daughter only ever got poop on her outfit two or three times but my son does two or three times per week. Oxi Clean Max Force Gel to the rescue! Seriously, it’s been a clothes-saver!

2- Car Seat Mirror

We all know the importance of keeping your baby rear facing in the car, but it’s hard when you can’t see them! This attaches to your backseat and allows you to glance at your baby through your  rear view mirror or with a quick glance to the back seat. I can’t live without it.  

3- WubbaNub Binky

I didn’t have the Wubbanub pacifier with my daughter and it has been SUCH A LIFESAVER with my son. The little stuffed animal actually keeps the binky in their mouth even if they relax/fall asleep! It is my favorite find this time around and is a total life saver when the baby is in his car seat! Plus, there are lots of darling animals to choose from. 

4- Car Bottle Warmer

We are in the car A LOT and having a car bottle warmer that plugs into the lighter is genius! It heats up the water for a bottle in about 15 minutes and comes in handy when you’ve got a day full of errands to run or are headed out for a road trip! It was less than $10 too!

5- Car Seat Cover

Having an infant in the winter makes me extra paranoid! I’m always afraid that he’s freezing. We borrowed this fleece lined car seat cover from our neighbor and it keeps him SO WARM! Plus, he can’t kick it off like a blanket so I don’t have to worry. I love it, I had no idea how much I would love it. 

6- Diaper Genie
If you think a lidded garbage can will keep diaper odors at bay – give it a week and you’ll be gagging each time you open it. The diaper genie is an odor miracle, trust me!

7- Hand Sanitizer

Call me a germaphobe, but you really can’t be too careful when you bring your newborn home. I place several bottles around my house and invite guests to use it as they come for a visit. This hand sanitizer is my favorite because it stays on hands even if they get wet or washed! 

8- Bouncy Seat
Both of my children have LOVED the bouncy seat. Neither have enjoyed a swing, so this gets used a lot at our house when I’m making dinner, taking a shower or doing laundry. I love that they are light weight and has toys that are detachable for when you don’t want them.

9 – Bassinet

I prefer to keep my infant in a bassinet next to my bed for the first few months. The one pictured is very similar to the one I have and I love that it is the same height as our bed so the baby is truly within reach, and I love that it has a dim light that gives just enough light to care for your baby, but not so much that it really wakes them up. 

10- Sleep Training Book

 I recommend reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child about a month before your baby is due. Then, you can reference it during each developmental stage mentioned in the book as you go along with your baby. You’ll be much too tired those first months to remember a thing so reading it ahead of time is best. I have followed this with both of my babies and it works! I promise! Start the day you get home and you’ll be so glad you did!

11- Big Sister Gift

I am not sure why I’ve never thought of this. So many that came to celebrate the arrival of our son brought a small gift for our daughter as well and it was so wonderful. She got stickers, fun hair bows, special treats and other things that were just for being a new big sister. It did so much to help her in this new transition and is something I’ll be doing as well from now on!

12- Newborn Photography Session Newborn Photography - is my precious baby boy- isn’t he dreamy?!)

My sister in law Bree at Bluebird Pictures is an amazing newborn photographer. With both of our children she has gifted us a newborn photography session and they are the most cherished photos we have! They just can’t compare with the ones we take each day with our phones. Whether you live in Utah and can book her, or find another photographer in your area – it will be a gift that the receiver cherishes each day!

13- House Cleaning Session

I didn’t actually receive this gift, but my neighbor told me her mother gave her this when she had her fourth or fifth child. I think it’s brilliant, especially for moms that aren’t having their first. Your hands are full – literally- with a newborn and it would be amazing to have Merry Maids show up a few weeks after to give your house a good deep clean!

14- Gift Cards for Eating Out

The meals that family and neighbors brought in that first week were so wonderful. But a good friend of mine gave me a few gift cards to some eateries in town that came in handy about a month after our baby was born. There are just those nights when you can’t fit one more thing in to your schedule, you are exhausted from no sleep and these really rescued the dinner dilemma! The best part was that they were places with a drive-thru window so we could just grab it and bring it home!

15 – Video Baby Monitor

My husband bought me a video baby monitor this time around and I LOVE having it! No more crawling on the floor of the nursery to check on my little one! There are so many on the market from expensive to REALLY expensive so check out the different features and see which fits your style. There are some that have a longer range than others (good for a large house), some show room temperature, have two way communication and even allow you to control them from an app on your phone! 

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