Big Ideas To Build With Balloons


Whether they are hung from the ceiling or made into an arch, balloons are a great way to celebrate. Try these big ideas to build with balloons.

Balloon Bunting/Garland

There is more than one way to make a balloon bunting/garland. Let’s start with using string. It’s as easy as starting with a blown up balloon (not helium filled) and tying a piece of string onto the end of it. Leave enough string to then be tied onto your main string (or whatever you are anchoring all the balloons to). Check out the tutorial below.

Maison de Pax
Maison de Pax

If you have thread and a needle lying around then you can string together your balloon bunting just like your popcorn garland for your Christmas tree. Just thread your needle and run it through the tied end of your non helium balloon. Obviously if you do the other end your balloon will POP!

Celebrate Every Day With Me
Celebrate Every Day With Me

If you really want to get fancy you can purchase balloon decorating strip tape (I found some on Amazon). It has pre made holes that you can stick the tied end of the balloon into and TADA you have balloon bunting/garland.


Balloons Covered With Tulle

This big idea for balloons is covering them with tulle. Again we want to avoid using helium balloons as the tulle is heavy enough that it will weigh the balloon down. To get your tulle covered balloon to stay upright you can use a balloon stick (you can find them on Amazon). Or try putting slits into the back tulle on your balloon and running some fishing line through the slits and then hanging the balloon by the fishing line.

Sweet Society

Balloon Arch

There is no helium needed for this big balloon idea that you will build. You may want to invest in a hand held balloon pump (to save your breath). This arch requires you to fix your balloons together in groups of 4 and then use floral wire to affix the groups of four together. Check out the tutorial below for a super cute rainbow arch.

Oh Happy Day

Take one of these big ideas to build with balloons and use it to make your next celebration extra special. Whether you use the arch or the garland your balloons will make things more magical.

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