Seriously Awesome Party Rentals

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Want to have your party at home but need some fresh ideas. Give renting a try. Check out the list below for some seriously awesome party rentals.

Movie Screen

I love a good drive-in movie. Sadly there aren’t many available these days. So bring the fun to your home by renting an outdoor movie screen. Pop some popcorn (you can rent one of those too) and grab a lawn chair and blankets. It’s time to cozy up and settle in for your main feature. If you are REALLY loving the idea of an outdoor movie and think you may want to do it again sometime then consider purchasing one. That way movie time can be any time.

Plan-it Rentals

Bubble Balls

My kids love these things. The bubble encloses the main part of you and protects your head but your feet are still sticking out. That means you can play a seriously awesome game of bumper soccer, bumper tag, or just run into each other and the last bubble standing wins. For the smaller users you can tuck your feet inside and let someone roll you around. The options are endless when you have bubble balls at your party.

Canyon Party Rental

Extreme Bounce House

Your guests will be in awe when they see an extreme bounce house at the party. It will make for hours of fun. Whether everyone just gets in and plays or take turns racing each other and for the fastest time. This extreme bounce house would be a seriously awesome party rental. Also check out water slide bounce houses. Equally as awesome.

U Bounce

Sumo Suits

Let party goers take turns stepping into the world of sumo when they put on these stuffed/padded suits. Once inside the ring (mat with a circle on it) the game begins. The object is to push your opponent outside of the circle. If you accomplish this great feat then you are the WINNER. Seriously. This is awesome.

Bouncin Bins

Pillow Fight

That’s right. A pillow fight. This blow up toys allow for 2 people to climb on top and using the provided pillows try and knock each other off. When you finally lose the fight and come crashing down you will have a nice soft bouncy landing on the floor of the inflatable pillow fight ring. My kids would go crazy for this.

Bouncin Bins

If you are looking for a change to spice up your next party then look no further. Try renting something like one of these seriously awesome party rentals.

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