3 Ways To Celebrate March 14th Pi Day

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March 14th is National Pi Day. So let’s bring out your inner mathematician and try one (or all) of these 3 ways to celebrate March 14th pi day.

Celebrate By Learning Some Pi Facts

-What better way to celebrate pi day then by learning about pi itself. For starters pi is the number of diameter lengths that fit around a circle. A little more than 3x thus the number 3.14 or pi.


-National Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th also known as 3/14 which is like pi’s 3.14. March 14th is also Albert Einsteins birthday.

-Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits after the decimal point. Wow! For more amazing pi facts head on over to piday.org.

Do Something for 3.14

How about going for a jog for 3.14 miles (or minutes whatever your running stamina will allow). You could ride a bike, scooter, or skateboard for 3.14 miles. How about reading 3.14 pages in a book or reading 3.14 books to your littles. You could take your dog for a 3.14 mile walk or do 3.14 tricks on the trampoline. Use your imagination and add a little 3.14 as a way to celebrate March 14th.

Eat Something Pi Like

In my opinion the best way to celebrate ANYTHING is with food. Pi day is no different. My go to food on pi day is an actual pie. Why should Thanksgiving have all the pie love. Let March 14th be a day to bake and eat delicious pies.

If you are more of a savory pie person how about a pizza pie. You could have a whole dinner discussion over the ratio of the circumference to diameter. Not in the mood for pizza? How about some chicken pot pie? That would make for some super yummy comfort food to celebrate National Pi day with. Or you could wear this pi shirt from Amazon.


You could always bake something in the shape of the pi symbol. Check out these festive pi shaped cookie cutters from Amazon.


Math doesn’t get enough love when it comes to celebrating. So take advantage of National Pi Day and use one of these 3 ways to celebrate March 14th pi day.

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