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My friend Megan is like a sister to me and even though we only get to see each other a few times a year, I always go away wishing we lived just down the street from each other. She has one of those contagious personalities that you want around you all the time! A couple of years ago she hosted a fabulous couples only Valentine’s Day party.  My husband, Darrell, and I were lucky enough to get an invite and we had such a great time! Somehow I got the party time incorrect and when we showed up she had just gotten out of the shower! Oops. 🙂 So, we wandered around Lowe’s for an hour and then came back.

Read her post about the event here. Let me fill you in on some of the fun details.

Valentine's couples party

The food: Oh goodness, the food! I still remember how good those chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting were. I wanted to take the entire stand and go hide with them in a closet for the rest of the night. I think I ate 3. She had an impressive spread of desserts including: oreo truffles, cookies, cupcakes, cake, chocolate/oatmeal bars, chocolate covered strawberries and brownies. You know how you pin all these really delicious dessert ideas on Pinterest and wish you had an occasion/excuse to make them? This type of party is perfect for that! Even better, let your guests bring a dessert and recipe to share and that will cut out some of the work for you.

The games: As she posts, she had a couples white elephant gift exchange (PG rated) and it was hilarious and so much fun to participate in. I loved that she took something typically only done at Christmas and brought it to Valentine’s Day. The Catch Phrase/Taboo game was a riot! We split into two teams and had 30 seconds for one of our teammates to give clues for us to guess as many famous couples as we could. Here is a link to a list of famous couples.  Because there were a variety of people at the party with a variety of interests she also used some literary couples (Romeo and Juliet, Bella and Edward, Ron and Hermione) and some pop culture (Beyonce and Jay-Z, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and some fictional (Fred and Wilma, Homer and Marge, Barbie and Ken).

Even if you aren’t planning a couples party this year, save these ideas for next year or adapt them to do as a family for a fun Valentine’s Day Family Home Evening! Thanks for the great ideas Megan!!

**Do you have a party you would like to have featured? Email me at [email protected]!

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