21 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

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21 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

Gone are the days of throwing rice (most venues don’t allow anymore anyway). Which means you can really theme your wedding send off to your taste, style and wedding theme! That’s a lot more fun if you ask me!

Whether you plan to have your guests greet you as you walk out of the wedding ceremony venue or at the end of your reception on your way to your car – having a planned wedding send off is a MUST!

Luckily, it is something simple to coordinate and there are a lot of really cute ideas that won’t break the bank. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, employ the help of one or two friends (or bridesmaids) to help gather everyone together, get them organized and distribute the send off supplies.

Some of these might seem too unique for you, but the idea is to fit your send off with your wedding theme.

1- Sparklers: 

Have guests line either side of the exit with lit sparklers! If you can find those that are 18″ – 36″, they’ll not only last longer, but they help keep the flame away from guests.

sparkler_tunnel wedding send off

2-  Ribbon Wands:

They’re easy to make, but the custom ones on the market are really cute! You can get your name and wedding date printed on the ribbon to really personalize them. I love this idea because they can also double as a wedding favor & can be customized to your wedding colors.

3- Bubbles:

I love the idea of the light, airy feeling of running off through a curtain of bubbles. They are fanciful, whimsical and fun for all ages! Would you dare to try the glow in the dark bubbles now on the market? 

4-  Confetti Poppers:

Head off with a bang! These fun poppers aren’t just for New Years Eve anymore! They’ll add a pop of fun to your send off!

Confetti storm wedding send off

5- Red Carpet

With Guests Flashing Cameras: Head out in true Hollywood style by setting up a red carpet from your door to the car and have guests line either side with flashing cameras. You and your new spouse can walk (or run, or dance) the red carpet and get the true celebrity treatment!

6- Flower Petals:

Traditionally flower petals are tossed by a flower girl as the bride walks down the aisle. I love the idea of beginning the wedding in that way, and ending it with guests celebrating your nuptials by tossing them as you depart!

wedding send off ideas

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7- Butterfly Release:

They say that a butterfly signifies a new beginning. What a perfect way to end your wedding by releasing butterflies and symbolize your new life together.

8-  Party String:

For the kid at heart, this is the perfect wedding send off. It is silly, celebratory and is sure to be a lot of fun for your guests!

9- Chinese Sky Lanterns :

This idea is so romantic to me. Many will write a wish on their lantern before lighting it and sending it off. This creates a very impressive sight and will give you some incredible photos!

chinese lantern wedding send off

10- Fireworks:

They aren’t just for celebrating summer! Using fireworks as your wedding send off may take a bit of coordination (and aren’t the least expensive option) but are sure to impress and wow your guests!

fireworks wedding send off

11- Feathers:

Whether you’ve used peacock feathers throughout your wedding or just the large billowy feathers – this is a great way to carry your theme throughout your wedding by using them as your send off as well!

12- Paper Airplanes:

I love the simplicity of using paper airplanes as your wedding send off. Let your guests write a wish or a note of advice as they help your sweet marriage “take flight”!

13- Mini Tambourines or Maracas:

As a ballroom dancer, I think I would have loved to incorporate this one into my wedding! If you’re playing Latin music during the dancing portion, continue that theme with your wedding send off!

14- Hand Clappers:

They’re simple, affordable and can give you a raucous send off! They don’t require assembly and guests can keep them as a favor = win, win!

Wedding Send Off Clappers

15- Balloon Release:

Much like the lanterns these are an impressive and beautiful sight to have all of your guests release a balloon together at your exit. Personalize it by using balloons in your wedding colors, allow guests to write a wish on them or go traditional by using all white balloons.

16- Bird Seed:

Much safer environmentally, than their rice alternative, using bird seed as your wedding send off is perfect for the love birds or birdcage themed wedding that is so popular right now! Provide large tin buckets and scoops and allow guests to serve them into small cups or sachets.

17-  Lavender:

Mmmmm, the scent of lavender is a favorite of mine. Using lavender as your wedding send off is a very feminine and lady like choice. Not only will it smell good, lavender is traditionally a symbol of love, devotion and loyalty.

lavender wedding rice

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18- Glow Sticks:

If you are having a dance at your wedding, these are really fun to hand out during the festivities as guests join the dance floor. Carry that outside as you exit and have guests create an arch from connected glow sticks as an arbor for your exit!

19- Autumn Leaves:

If your wedding is during the Fall months, this send off is the perfect fit! Don’t think that you have to use muddy, side-of-the-street leaves. You can use artificial leaves or gather some from a local park to use!

20- Artificial Snow Confetti:

Much like the leaves, tossing artificial snow for a Winter wedding will create a perfect picture as you exit! It is biodegradable, safe and won’t turn into a snowball fight! 🙂

Wedding Send Off Fake Snow

{photo source}

21- Pom Poms:

For an avid sports fan, this is the perfect send off. Use pom poms in your wedding colors or that of your favorite sports team to really personalize this send off.

I hope these ideas help you to plan an amazing and memorable send off from you wedding! Check out some of my other wedding posts to help you plan your special day!


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