A Pirate Adventure Party

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Arrrrrgh. If you are looking for a swash buckling good time then have a pirate adventure party. Here are some tips to get you on your way matey.

Pirate Gear

If we are going to have a pirate party then we need to dress the part. Lets start with a newspaper pirate hat. Check out The Spruce Crafts for details on how to make this epic edition to any pirate adventure.

The Spruce Crafts

A pirate sword is a must. It’s as easy as cutting out cardboard in your desired pirate shape and covering it with duct tape, tinfoil, or spray painting it.

Create In The Chaos

What’s a pirate adventure without an eye patch? Check out Disney Family for a diy eye patch. You’ll need some black craft foam, elastic, hot glue, and scissors. Easy peasy.

Disney Family

Pirate Games

Every good pirate needs to know how to walk the plank. Arrrgh. A simple version of this game is to set a piece of wood with a brick under each end to lift the wood off the ground. Like a balance beam. Add a blue tarp and your child’s toy alligators underneath and get ready for an adventure walking the plank. You can even add variations like walking backwards or with your eyes closed.

Try this cannon ball blast game by blowing up black balloons (cannonballs) and tying a string to each balloon. Next, tie the other end of the string to a party goers ankle. Then, let the popping commence. As each child tries to “blast” the others cannonball. The last child with their cannonball (balloon) still inflated wins!

Party Games Plus

It’s not a pirate adventure party without a treasure hunt. Rooftop Post has this amazing free printable treasure hunt. The clues are general to a house so you don’t have to change any wording. Awesome.

Rooftop Post

Pirate Food

Arrrgh me hearties! Kids would love these hot dog pirate ships for their pirate adventure.


It would be a swash buckling good time to serve your guests a pirate map pizza or let them make their own. If your guests are wanting something sweet how about giving them a sugar cookie that they can decorate to be their own treasure map with licorice rope and Rolos. This is a good time for everyone to get creative.

Betty Crocker

A pirate adventure party is fun for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Grab some of these beauties and gems and get to planning. Arrrgh!

Pirate Adventure Party

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