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Army Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

My friend Amy always does a fantastic job with themed party and I’m so excited to share one of her latest today. This Army Birthday Party for her son Carter is totally awesome, and she only spent $52.00 (minus the cake) which is a party for a BARGAIN! She got inventive and I love all the details. Let’s take a look at them:

Army Birthday Party Favors:

For the favors she purchased some holiday tins at the dollar store and spray painted them, wrapped them in camo duct tape and scuffed them up a bit. Here’s where you can get some Scotch Duct Tape – Camo.

To fill them she headed to the local recruiting station and asked for any free stickers or things they would let her have. They hooked her up! They gave her stickers, pens and a little football for EACH child’s favor box! Then she went to a specialty supply store called Uncle Sams where she found the REAL army patches and used shotgun shells for $1.00 each! 

Army Birthday Party Favors
Army Birthday Party Favor Tags

Army Birthday Party Cake:

Isn’t that cake fantastic? She had our neighbor make it. I’ve just discovered that this neighbor does cakes, and I’m stoked about it! Now my cakes don’t have to look awful at parties I host! This camouflage cake adds the perfect centerpiece. 

She wrapped more camouflage duct tape around water bottles. 

Army Birthday Party Cake

Army Birthday Party Decorations: 

Using various shades of green fabric, she draped some across the ceiling, and more on the table accenting with lots of rope and twine. 

She purchased a Camo Pennant Banner to hang from the ceiling as well. 

The American Flag was a must to display at the party. 

She printed an Army advertisement off the internet and framed it and flanked it with some “medals” she her boys had from participating in various activities. 

Army Birthday Party Decor

Army Birthday Party Activities:

Now, this is what I love most about the party! These boys are just too cute and I can just picture how much fun they had with the creative activities she planned for them.

They had a Tug-O-War and other relay races. 

Army Birthday Party Activities - Tug-o-war

They played Wounded Soldier and through giggles, dressed each others “wounds” in toilet paper. 

They also had a push up contest – hilarious!!

Army Birthday Party Activities - Dress the wound

Army Birthday Party Invitations:

Army Invitation Free Printable -

Army Birthday Party Invitation Free Printable

Here are some FREE PRINTABLE Army Birthday Party Invitations I designed that would work perfectly with this party! Simply open the link and print at home or send to your local print shop (recommended). 
Amy and her darling family of boys are hoping to adopt a little girl. If you want more information about their family search for a sister, go here. 


  1. Hi. I am in process of planning my son’s 8th birthday party for next week. I thank you for the invitation & hope to print them out tomorrow & get those puppies in the mail! Although.. wondering if there’s a way to keep it electronic?
    Also, how did they play “Wounded Warrior” ? We are trying to get some very large cardboard boxes & going to spray paint them and do something with them — ideas appreciated. Also considering doing a water balloon/grenade fight. Any additional ideas you have would be appreciated & I definitely appreciate what you’ve shared already. Thanks!

    1. Jessica-
      Happy Birthday to your son! It sounds like you’re well on your way to making a memorable party for him! For the invitations you can print one out, fill it in and then scan it and save it as a pdf so you can email it to his friends.
      Wounded Warrior was just the boys playing around and one would say, “oh, my arm hurts” so another would wrap it. You can use toilet paper or white crepe paper streamers for this.
      For the cardboard boxes, you could let them decorate their own army jeep. Get paint and foam brushes in camo colors and let them make a army themed car. I’ve seen Army stickers that would be great to let them add and then you just use paper plates and large office brads to attach a steering wheel and tires and you’re set! Have a great time!

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