Christmas Morning Survival Kit

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Christmas Morning Survival Kit - events to CELEBRATE!

As parents you remember the exhilaration of opening presents on Christmas morning and put so much into making sure your children have that same experience. There have been more than a couple of Christmases that there haven’t been enough batteries in the house to go around, or no one can find the dang wire cutters to get the toy out of the wrapping. It’s little things like this that remind me how important it is to take 10 minutes to gather everything up and have it ready so that surviving the happy chaos of Christmas morning is slightly easier.  A Christmas morning survival kit will help you fully enjoy the magic of the day.

Christmas Morning Survival Kit

Here’s what we include in ours:

– Large garbage bags
– Batteries in various sizes (many parents put the batteries in with the toy before they wrap it)
Craft Wire Cutter
– A Christmas music CD – (this is my all time favorite: Ring Christmas Bells)
– An extra camera memory card
– Scissors (not wimpy ones, good ones like this: Kitchen Shears)
– Screw drivers
– Tylenol (for the parents that stayed up WAY too late the night before)
– Caffeine – Diet Coke, Hot Chocolate – whatever is your fancy

This also makes a really great gift – just make sure they open it before Christmas morning so they have it ready for the big day!

And, although this isn’t really gathered with the items above, it is part of surviving Christmas morning. Christmas Eve I will assemble a breakfast casserole that can be placed in the oven first thing on Christmas morning or cook in a crockpot while we sleep.

I love these recipes:

Overnight Crockpot Breakfast Strata from Marci Coombs

Breakfast Casserole by A Turtles Life For Me

Cinnamon Baked French Toast by Pioneer Woman

Overnight Baked French Toast by Deep South Dish


  1. I would add that you need a small pad of paper and a pencil for writing down gifts and giver for thank you notes. It is easy to confuse who gave who what in all the chaos.

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