Easy Neighbor Christmas Gift Idea

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 Some years I feel like spending hours making divinity and homemade fudge for my neighbors. Other years I want an easy neighbor Christmas gift that I can purchase from the store. This happens to be one of those years. I feel like our December calendar filled up SO fast and I am trying to simplify this Christmas. My neighbor Christmas gift idea for this year came to me while I was at the dollar store. I was going to do something with the song lyrics “Deck the Halls”, but went another route.

Easy Neighbor Christmas Gift Idea

Easy Neighbor Christmas Gift Idea - free gift tag

Supplies Needed:

My hope is that because so many treats are distributed during this time of year, my neighbors will love the idea of getting something they can use all year long! And, I really do hope they sit down and have a family game night! I play UNO with my daughter each night before bed and it is the best 15 minutes of time with her all day!

Easy Neighbor Christmas Gift Idea - free gift tag

Here are the free printable gift tags: Game Christmas Gift Tags

*I even left the bottom blank so you can write your own sentiment at the bottom. I hope you LOVE them!

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  • They may not be modified, sold or used for profit in any way
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