Fabulous Ideas For a Tea Party Birthday

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Whether big or small a tea party birthday is fun for all! This list will take you from the start of the party with invites to the end with tea party favors. And all the fun in-between.

Tea Party Birthday Invitations

Check out these adorable tea party birthday invites from Greetings Island. They are free, you can edit the content, and you can print them from home or save the file to print at your favorite store. Therefore, these tea party invites would be the perfect start to your birthday bash.

tea party birthday
Greetings Island

Table Decor

This teapot centerpiece from Amazon would be a delightful addition to your tea party table decor because its pink, flowery, and dainty. Perfect.


These fancy paper cups and plates from Amazon will make you feel like you are having afternoon tea in London. It certainly doesn’t get any better than that.

tea party birthday

What better way to display your bite sized treats than with these cupcake stands from Amazon. There are so many yummy things you can add to these 3 layers for your birthday guests to eat.


Tea Party Birthday Snacks

Finally for the best part. The tiny tea party snacks. These triangle scones make me happy just looking at them. Certainly adding sprinkles makes them extra special for your tea party guest.

tea party birthday
Hello Wonderful

Similarly these little tea sandwiches from Oh How Civilized are simple to make and fit right in with your tea party theme.

Oh How Civilized

Another tiny snack are these ladybug crackers. They are perfect for the occasion and would brighten up your tea party table.

tea party birthday
Taste of Home

A Million Moments has the recipe for this pretty princess snack mix. A perfect addition to your tea party treats because they are pretty and pink.

A Million Moments


You can find these DIY edible teacups at Disney Family. You can use these teacups as a snack or you can assemble them as a birthday activity at your tea party.

tea party birthday
Disney Family

Bingo is always a birthday party favorite. This pack of tea party bingo cards comes from Teachers Pay Teachers and has the fun flowery pink feeling of a tea party.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Party Favor

Last but definitely not least is the fascinator (aka hat). You could have your guests make these at the birthday party or you can do them yourself ahead of time and send them home as your party favor.

tea party birthday
Clumsy Crafter

While your tea party birthday is sure to be a smashing success. From the teapot invites and centerpiece to the bite sized snacks and activities. Your guests will have a tea time to remember.

Fabulous Ideas For a Tea Party Birthday

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