Funny White Elephant Gifts

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I love me a good white elephant party with legit funny gifts. With the gift giving season right around the corner here are some ideas for funny white elephant gifts that will have everyone laughing.

The Farting Animals Coloring Book

I’m going straight for the bathroom humor. My friend received this coloring book as a white elephant gift and I loved it so much I had to buy my own!

Bacon Toilet Paper

Bacon is always a winner but bacon as toilet paper is a MUST. This funny white elephant gift should get its fair share of giggles.


This one is just strange enough to be funny. This handicorn from Amazon would be fun whether you’re a big kid or little kid.

Pickle Flavored Candy Canes

That’s right PICKLE flavored candy canes. Or if you prefer there is also a mac & cheese flavored candy cane. Either of those would be funny white elephant gifts for sure.

A Christmas Story Night Light

It’s a classic. The leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Now you can have your very own tiny version in a night light. This would be an awesome and funny white elephant gift.

Prank Box

This one was new to me. It’s an empty box that you fill with whatever you want. That’s not the new part. The new part is that the box shows a funny (fake) white elephant gift on the outside and you can fill the box with whatever you want.

Spot Popper (aka pimple popper)

Your first thought might be EW! Besides being gross this white elephant gift is pretty funny. I first saw this at a party where the receiver opened it up and tried it out right then and there. We all got a good laugh as she squeezed the yellow goo from the hole.

Mullet Headband

One size fits all. This mullet headband will be the star of the white elephant show.

Mug With a Hoop

This is the gift of multi-tasking. Playing a game and having your drink. Add another mug and you have a 2 player game.

Burrito Blanket

Have your kids ever wanted to be wrapped up like a burrito in their blanket? Mine have and this super funny blanket would be perfect. A functional and funny white elephant gift.

Llama Piñata

These mini llama piñatas come in a 3 pack. Fill them up or leave them empty. Either way it’s sure to get a laugh.

Pooping Animals Coloring Book

Back to the potty humor. Here’s another coloring book that is sure to get a laugh from the white elephant crowd.

Bob Ross Chia Pet

Bob Ross has become quite the popular guy. There’s even a Chia Pet version of him to give as a funny white elephant gift. We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

LED Toilet Light

Motion detector, dimmer, multiple colors, and a life time warranty. All things you want in a toilet light…right? A funny and practical white elephant gift.

Bacon Bandages

Ok, so maybe these look a little gross, but bacon bandages are sure to get a laugh as a funny white elephant gift.

Tiny Hands Game

Who will be able to win the most challenges using their tiny hands. This team vs team game would be an awesome white elephant.

Looking for a funny white elephant gift is as fun as getting one! Head to Amazon to check out all these gifts and get ready to laugh at your next white elephant party.

Funny White Elephant Gifts

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