Halloween Porch Decorations

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Halloween Porch Decorations - Events To Celebrate

I’m excited to share with you my Halloween porch decorations this year. In years past, I’ve just focused on my front door (see my SkeletonFrankenstein and Spider’s Web doors that are super easy DIY projects), but this year I wanted to decorate my entire front porch. I was inspired by the severed fingers I made last year to do a Witches theme and I think it turned out awesome! 

I got a few new pieces to amp up my decor from the Halloween section of Oriental Trading and they were perfect! I still got to do a little bit of DIY crafting, but these pieces saved me a ton of time and look great!


Halloween Front Door


I got the wood sign as a hand-me-down piece from my sister years ago and have never used it. I purchased $5.00 witch hat and used some lime green tulle and orange spider rings to jazz it up. I cut the plastic ring part off of the spider rings and used a hot glue gun to attach them. For the tulle I used an office stapler to attach it (I’m not good at sewing). Ta-Da! The front door is done!

Witches Pantry


I got the set of 12 apothecary jars from Oriental Trading and just created labels in a Word document and glued them on. I filled them with various items and water tinted with food coloring. After I finished I realized that I should have used non-edible items so I could just store them again for next year. I suppose if they rot and mold over the next year while in the box that will just add to the effect when I pull them out to use next year. 


Halloween Window Decoration

Halloween Porch Decorations - Events To Celebrate

The cardboard witch cut-out is from Oriental Trading as well and actually came as a 3-D stand up, but I only used one of the pieces so I could put it on my window. I originally had it on the inside of my house, but my window lines obstructed too much of is so I moved it outside and I love that the holographic treatment on the cardboard shimmers in the light. Above the witch I hung a strand of lights covered in black netting also from Oriental Trading that I have on an automatic timer. (seeing this picture reminds me I need to fix that left side of the fabric – we get a lot of wind here)

Other fun details:


I LOVE these witches legs, they got stuck in my front porch planter along with some black glittered tree branches I’ve had for ages.

Halloween Porch Decorations - Events To Celebrate

This directional sign from Oriental Trading adds color and character and I my daughter just thinks it’s hilarious! She giggles every time she passes it because of the funny directions it is pointing. 

Halloween Porch Decorations - Events To Celebrate

(I spy with my little eye a 1 year old little fella who wanted to help me take pictures)

Now it’s time to get our Halloween costumes put together, I just need to purchase a few pieces and DIY a few pieces and they’ll be done! Instead of going as an entire group costume, this year my husband and son are being a duo and me and my daughter are being a duo. I’ve got TONS of ideas for awesome COUPLE AND GROUP COSTUMES and REALLY great DIY COSTUMES you’ll want to check out! 


Halloween porch decorations

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