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Halloween is coming up and this year I came up with a fangtastic Halloween mystery dinner menu. Each year I make jack-o-lantern quesadillas for lunch but as my kids get older I want to make sure they have a healthy Halloween dinner before heading out to trick-or-treat. This mystery dinner menu will definitely make dinner fun and fill them up with good food! There are lots of fun Halloween dinner ideas out there, but so many take SO much time. I like that this way, I can cook food I know they’ll eat, and still theme it in a really fun way! If you’re hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner, this would be the PERFECT activity to get things started! And don’t forget to set the table with fun Halloween dinnerware!

Halloween Dinner Ideas: Halloween Mystery Dinner Menu Printable

Halloween Dinner Ideas: Mystery Dinner Menu

This Halloween mystery dinner menu can work for any cuisine you decide to cook. I’ll list my Halloween dinner idea below so if you don’t want to have to think of anything or look up any Halloween dinner recipes, you can just copy mine straight out. 

Halloween Mystery Dinner Menu Instructions:

1- Print one copy of the free printable mystery dinner menu below for each person in your party.

2 – Prepare your menu. I think it is easiest to set everything out on the counter top and put a sticky note by each item with the corresponding letter – just don’t let anyone see!! No peeking!!

3 – Ask each guest to fill in their menu by selecting 5 items from the menu for each course. They will write the letter in the column for the courses. Have them fill in the spaces for all 3 courses. 

3 – Collect the papers and prepare their first course in the kitchen. Bring out each guests selections one course at a time. Continue until all courses have been served.

4 – Let the giggling commence. They may get a spoon, salt, juice, whipped cream, and pasta in the first course followed by a delicious offering of steamed broccoli, garlic bread, strawberry jello, pepper, and a knife! 

Print your menu here: Halloween Mystery Dinner Menu

Here is my sample menu based on the Chefs Special Offerings:

Warthog Toenail Shavings – Pepper
Frankenstein Breath – Green kool aid or soda 
Chilled Werewolf Drool – Vanilla Ice Cream
Witches Broom – Fork
Dragon Tail – Spoon
Mummy Fingers –  Roasted Baby Carrots
Toad Warts – Caprese Salad or this famous recipe for Bacon Cream Cheese Bread Dip
Powdered Skulls – Salt
Coagulated Snake Blood – Strawberry Jello
Rodent Hearts – Chicken nuggets or grilled chicken
Goblin Spit – Whipped Cream (hopefully they choose this with the Strawberry Jello)
Gobs of Boogers – Apple Pie or Apple Crisp
Zombie Brains – Alfredo or Pesto Pasta (the green from the pesto would be amazing!)
Boiled Scaredy Cat – Steamed Broccoli
Vampire Antidote – Garlic Bread 

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