National Puzzle Day

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There is a day for everything and January 29th the puzzle gets to have the stage. So lets get excited with these fun ideas to help celebrate National Puzzle Day.

Personalized Puzzle

Puzzles are a good time and what makes a puzzle even more fun? If it has your face on it! Try this trick from Little House of Four and purchase a puzzle from the dollar store. Then Mod Podge a family picture onto the puzzle pieces and TADA you have a puzzle of your own family to put together.

Little House of Four


Next, riddles totally count as puzzles. For a recent road trip we bought this Riddle book from Amazon thinking it would give us something to do on the way. As we each took turns reading a riddle while everyone tried to guess the miles peacefully passed by. The riddles go from easy to hard so you can pick your level of difficulty. These would be fun to read around the dinner table on National Puzzle Day.


Puzzle Piece Picture Frame

My littles have brought home frames like this for their Christmas gift to me in first grade. Sara J Creations has the step by step to make these puzzle piece picture frames. This would be a fun activity to do on Jan. 29th.

Sara J Creations

Personalized Crossword Puzzle

Add crossword puzzles and word searches to your list of puzzles to do. Even better make your own personalized crossword or word search on Discovery Education. Best part…It’s free.


As well as crossword puzzles, if you are a fan of Sudoku get excited because it totally counts as a puzzle too. You can purchase a book full of puzzles to do or you can even do them online for free.

Fun Puzzles

For you purest who want a good old fashioned puzzle with a fun twist check out these from Amazon.

The silly label puzzle


The 1980’s including Madonna and Magnum P.I.


Finally, for all you animal lovers, dogs catching treats.

National Puzzle Day

We know that puzzles are good for our brains. Which makes Jan. 29th a great day to put our minds to work and spend some time with the family doing something puzzle like for National Puzzle Day.

National Puzzle Day--January 29

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