Sesame Street Activities & Crafts

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Sunday, November 10th is National Sesame Street Day. I grew up watching Sesame Street and now my daughter LOVES it! I’ve rounded up a few Sesame Street activities & crafts to help all of us celebrate!

Check out the fun Sesame Street themed games from this birthday party I posted a few weeks ago. They’d be perfect to incorporate into any party or just an afternoon of fun!

Sesame Street Activities & Crafts

Sesame Street Coloring Pages: has a huge selection of coloring pages – just go here to print of as many as you like!

Sesame Street Coloring Page

On they have lots of online games and activities – including fun coloring pages that you can paint online and print out! has a large selection of coloring pages you can print out that have activities on them and are holiday specific.

Or, if you prefer to have coloring pages bound nice and neat – here is a Sesame Street Coloring Book  for less than $1!!

Sesame Street Crafts:

This cute Elmo craft is made from a printable template (that you can print in color or B&W and let your kids color) and a toilet paper roll. They also have templates for Burt, Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster & Oscar the Grouch!

TP elmo

I’ve also seen really cute “monster masks” made from a white paper plate where you cut out eyes and a mouth and then let your kids color their favorite characters face on the front! 🙂

Sesame Street Activities:

This free printable Sesame Street Puzzle can be printed right at home!


Or, I adore this Sesame Street BIG Foam Floor Puzzle!

Here is a free pdf Sesame Street Memory Game you can print out, color and play!

Sesame Street Memory Game

Or one that is just a few dollars that will probably last a lot longer: Sesame Street Memory Game

***For more fun ideas there are lots of cute Sesame Street themed crafts on this website.

Have a sunny day and chase those clouds away by celebrating Sesame Street on November 10th!


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