Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Preschool

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I get to host the Thanksgiving party for my daughters preschool and I’m having so much fun planning it! I put together these easy Paper Bag Turkey’s for the kids to make. I’m going to have them draw something they are thankful for (since they can’t spell quite yet) on each feather.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft -

There are lots of cute Thanksgiving turkey crafts floating around out there but some weren’t quite at a preschool level like the ones I featured in this Round up of Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids. I came up with this one because I know the kids will be able to do it. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Preschool

There aren’t really any steps to detail, just that to make the “beak” you will turn over the flap of the brown lunch bag and fold over the corners and adhere with some tape.

Turkey Paper Bag

I free hand cut the feathers, beak and gobbler – as well as the hat out of construction paper but you could also use craft foam sheets (they would hold up even better). I’ll let the kids glue everything on with their glue sticks, but I’ll use Elmer’s school glue to attach the googly eyes.

Thanksgiving Preschool Party

  • We will be making these Gumdrop Turkeys. They are a family favorite and I can’t wait to share them with the cute kids in our preschool!
  • I’ve been collecting brown paper grocery bags and baby formula cans so they can decorate their own Native American headdress, vest and drum.
  • We’ll do a Turkey Trot – a Thanksgiving version of the classic cupcake walk that I detail in this post.
  • I know the kids will love playing Thanksgiving Bingo. We are using these super cute FREE printable bingo cards from the very talented Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama.
  • We are watching this video of a story read along of the Curious George Thanksgiving book.
  • Dancing along to the Ten Little Turkeys, Pilgrim Song and Turkey Dance are also in the plan.
  • I’m making a turkey dinner for my family on Sunday (so we can eat “leftovers”) and am going to do a tasting for the kids. I’ll give them a bite or two of each item on a plate and a paper to mark if they think it is yucky or yummy. It should be fun. I’ve found that when we do this as a group, the kids are much more brave when tasting new things. I plan to include: Turkey, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Candied Yams and Stuffing. Wish me luck!
  • To send them home, I’m making these cute Popcorn Turkey Gloves with Rainbow Goldfish and popcorn. I made them last year to give to friends and they were a HUGE HIT! The disposable food gloves can be found here.
Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

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