Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids


Valentines Day Craft for Kids -

I got a head start with our Valentine’s Day decorating the other day and thought I’d share what I had my 3 year old daughter make. She loved making this garland so much that the next day we made more and now they are all over our house. I love seeing how proud she is to show it to anyone who comes to our house. 

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids – Toilet Paper Roll Painted Garland

Toilet Paper Roll
Washable Kids Paint
Finger Paint Paper
Paper Plate
Colorful Cardstock Paper
Glue Gun
Pom Poms

Toilet Paper Roll Stamps -

I cut the toilet paper roll into 1″ sections and shaped them into a heart. I used a piece of tape across the top help hold the shape. We added some paint to a paper plate and she stamped the hearts in the paint and onto her paper. Then she added lots of polka dots with her finger.


Once it was dry, I cut it into 3.5″ x 5.5″ rectangles and mounted them on coordinating cardstock then we stapled each to a length of ribbon, hot glued some pom pom’s and hung them on the door! I love that we can get this out each year to decorate our home with and it’s got her “stamp” on it. 🙂

Valentines Day Garland -

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