Valentine’s Day Party Activities

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Each Friday my daughter has a playgroup for two hours with all of the little girls her age in our neighborhood. The moms rotate who hosts and I got lucky enough to host on  February 12th! I was giddy when I found out because that means I get to do a fun Valentine’s Day party for them!  And I had the perfect Valentine’s day Party Activities to share!

Valentines Day Activities for Kids - Events To Celebrate

These ideas are all really inexpensive and easy to put together. I only have 7 girls coming, but they really could work for any size group.

Valentine’s Day Party Activities

Valentine’s Day Bingo

I love the free printable bingo cards Lindsay at Artsy Fartsy Mama creates each holiday. They are always so cute! There are 8 different cards, which is perfect for my group! She also includes a set that you can create your own cards in the event that you need more than 8 cards. Super cute, free and fun! I’m using conversation hearts to mark the squares.

Valentine’s Day Headbands

I picked up a package of adhesive backed foam hearts that are various sizes and a white poster board at Dollar Tree. I cut the poster into strips and I’m going to let each guest decorate their headband with markers and stickers. Then we’ll twirl up some pink pipe cleaners and staple the whole thing together. Super easy to prep, inexpensive and fun for the girls!

Valentines Day Kids Activity Craft - Valentines' party fun!

Valentine’s Day Guessing Game

I just found a bunch of images of clip art online of various Valentine’s Day objects and pasted them onto a word document. Then I cut them into squares. Each girl will tape one to their forehead and the others will have to give clues to help her guess the item on her head. I guess this is similar to a game called Headbandz, but I’ve never played that before. The images I’m using are: chocolates, roses, hearts, teddy bear, cupid, lips, sugar cookies and conversation hearts

Exchange Valentines

Each girl is invited to bring a Valentine for all and I’m going to have them exchange their valentines with each other. I may have them decorate a brown paper bag to take them home in with the left over supplies from making the headbands. If I had thought ahead, I would have picked up the super cute little tin mail boxes that were in the Target dollar spot a few weeks ago! 

Decorate Sugar Cookies

It’s a must-do in my book for Valentine’s Day! I’ll bake up my favorite Sugar Cookies – using this recipe and use my Heart Cookie Cutters . Then I’ll let the girls frost and decorate them with ju-ju hearts, cinnamon lips, conversation hearts and lots of sprinkles! 

Musical Hearts

We’ll play musical chairs, but I’ll have large cut-out hearts for them to try to snag a spot on instead of chairs. I’ve got lots of Disney Princess songs from Itunes that I used for this Disney Princess party and they will work perfectly! 

And there you have it, my plan for our Valentine’s Day Party Activities! It’s going to be a great party and I’m so excited to have them all over. 

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Couples – check out this post. The famous couples game is my favorite!

Valentine's day Party activity ideas


    1. Hi Lea,

      I used a stapler to attach the headband pipe cleaners. Then I covered the staples with adhesive backed foam hearts.

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