Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

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I think it’s safe to say that Inside Out was a favorite movie for people of all ages last year. It’s lighthearted and kid centered enough to keep my daughter enthralled, but had layers of deeper meaning for the big kids/adults. It’s the perfect movie to turn into a birthday party if you ask me!

Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

Inside Out Birthday Party Food:

Inside Out Birthday Cake

First, isn’t this cake so perfect?! My friend Jen made it for her daughter and I love every detail of it. Isn’t the saying at the top just perfect?! She’s amazing, if I tried to make this it would turn out looking like Barney the purple dinosaur after a car accident.

I think it would be really fun to have food items to represent the characters in the film – like I’ve done for this Disney Princess Party, or this Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party. If you’ve got a Radio Flyer wagon I think this would make the perfect vessel for jars of treats representing each character.

  • Joy Food Items: Lemon heads, Lemonade, Sunkist candies, yellow Starbursts, Butterscotch candy, buttered popcorn
  • Disgust Food items: Sour Patch Kids, Wasabi Peas & Bean Boozled Jelly Beans (you know, the jelly beans that taste like vomit and dirt?).
  • Sadness Food items: Cry Baby Bubble Gum, Baby Face Tears candy, Candy pacifiers (since that’s what you give a baby when they cry), any cookie or cupcake decorated with a sad face.
  • Fear Food Items: Gummy Worms/bugs, Grape Licorice (I just think it looks like the character), Gummy Sharks.
  • Anger Food items: Hot Tamales, Red Hots, Atomic Fireballs (I had to find these at a gas station when I used them for this Big Hero 6 party), Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers, Flamin Hot Cheetos & Sriracha Chicken Wings.
  • Other fun food ideas: Broccoli Pizza– It’s an obvious one, and a super cute idea. I am just not sure if it would actually get eaten and so while I’m all in favor of sticking with the theme, I’m not a fan of going to all the trouble of making something for the kids that they won’t even touch. Raise your hand if you’re with me. French Fries – to represent French Fry Forest in Imagination Land. Double Mint Gum – the gum commercial they replay over and oer again in the movie is for Triple Dent Gum, but this comes pretty close. Cotton Candy  – for Bing Bong. Dingdong’s  – for hockey pucks. Bottled soda in each color and jar of jaw breakers to look like the memory balls would be really cute!

Inside Out Birthday Party Games

  • Silly String Fight! – Represent the fun had on Goofball Island by giving each guest a can of silly string and setting them loose in your backyard! They sell small cans of silly string at Dollar Tree. If you’re not up for the mess, give it to them as a party favor with a cute gift tag that references how good friends help keep goofball island alive!
  • Drag Sadness Relay Race – get small carpet samples or burlap sacks and have one team member lay on it while the other has to drag that person by the leg through an obstacle course just like Joy had to drag Sadness. If you’ve got skateboards or something like that – it may make this a bit easier.
  • House of Cards Contest – the House of Cards was a main feature in Imagination Land. Give each guest a deck of cards and see who can build theirs the tallest. Have a fun prize for the winner!
  • Inside Out Coloring Page – I like to have a coloring page for when guests are first arriving to give them something to do while we wait for everyone to arrive. Here are some really cute ones!
  • Abstract Paintings – Add a bit of art to the party by letting each guest paint a masterpiece!
  • Ice Skating – in the winter/Roller Skating – in the summer. I’ve even seen a really cute Hockey rink shaped slip n’ slide that would be perfect for this party in the Summer.
  • Anger Piniata – get your anger out by busting open this piniata! You can make your own or look for one on etsy.
  • Create a Memory Ball – take a clear plastic Christmas Ball Ornament and squirt a little bit of craft paint inside. Drop a marble in and swirl the marble around and around to paint the inside walls of the ornament. Let each guest select which color or combination of colors they want to use for their memory.

Inside Out Birthday Party Decorations:

  • Decorate your front door with a “[Insert birthday child’s name]’s Headquarters” with a rainbow of streamers or plastic table cover strips.
  • If you’ve got a radio flyer wagon, you’ve got to use that on the food table or to hold gifts or favors!
  • If you’ve got a train like you would put around your Christmas tree, you’ve got to use that (as the Train of Thought)!
  • If you’ve got a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony or a rainbow mane unicorn stuffed animal, you’ve got to use that!
  • Hang Chinese paper lanterns from your ceiling in each of the character colors – this is a great place to get them if you can’t find them at your nearest party supply store.
  • Look no further for loads of Inside Out Party Supplies including paper goods, favors, bags, treats and more!
Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

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