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Celebrate Spring with a Wreath!

Spring is here and the weather has FINALLY warmed up here. I feel like celebrating the end of a VERY cold winter and wanted a new wreath for my front door to do it. I didn’t want to spend $50 or even $25 for one, so, I purchased an 18-inch wrapped straw wreath form for $5 at Hobby Lobby and used leftover fabric from my daughters room to create this:

Spring Wreath Fabric Flowers

I used the brown burlap-like fabric to wrap around the entire wreath. I had to use several strips, I just made sure to trim the pieces so the ends would always be at the back of the wreath. Then I made four types of fabric flowers and a scallop garland to decorate.

Fabric Flowers

Flower 1: I twisted a 1 1/2 inch wide strip of fabric and rolled it into a flower and glued the back to hold it.

Flower 2: I rolled up some pink ric-rac ribbon into rosettes and glued the back to hold it together.

Flower 3: I stitched along the bottom edge of a 1 1/2 inch strip of fabric and then pulled the stitching together to gather it into a flower shape, I then glued the two ends together and used a small circle of fabric to cover the center.

Flower 4: I cut out 6 flower shaped pieces of fabric (4 petal flower shape) and then folded those into fourths. I snipped the bottom corner off and glued it to a circle fabric base. I did four sides that way and then two in the center.

Scallop Garland: I used a bottle to trace and cut out six circles and folded them over a length of pink embossing thread and used a hot glue gun to secure them.

The whole project from start to finish took me an hour and 15 minutes (my daughter was napping, otherwise it would have taken twice that long) and cost me only the $5 for the wreath form. I love how it turned out and love that in the fall I can switch out the flowery prints for more Autumnal colors and get even more use out of the wreath!

What decorations do you like to add to your home to celebrate Spring?

Link up in the comments section to your spring wreaths.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

St. Patrick’s Day is just one week away! I love when a holiday falls on a weekend because it means that rather than sending your family off to various places, you get to be together to do all of the fun activities! One of my favorite memories of St. Patrick’s Day was a teacher at our school dying her feet green and blaming it on those pesky Leprechauns!

I love food. Therefore, celebrating to me means eating all of the yummy food traditionally associated with a certain holiday. It is pretty common to have a green breakfast (Lucky Charms w/green milk, green smoothies, green pancakes, etc.), but since it is a Sunday you can serve them traditional (or at least it is traditional in America) Irish food for lunch and dinner too!

Corned Beef and Cabbage served with Irish Soda Bread seems to be a St. Patrick’s Day must, but if I cook cabbage at my house (although I love it) I’ll be traded for the Leprechaun treasure.

corned beef and cabbage

Corned Beef is available at most grocery stores (and Costco/Sams Club) in abundance during this time so if you love it, buy extra to freeze! Here are some options my family is more likely to go for. (Click on the names to be linked to the recipe)

Reuben Sandwich:

reuben sandwich

Corned Beef Hash:

corned beef hash

I stumbled across the Homemaking Blog and loved her idea to read the Legend of the Leprechauns (from Family Fun Magazine) and make a treasure box. Me and Lucy (my 20 month old daughter) had a great time making our treasure box, although it was her first time using markers and now I understand why Mom’s buy washable – hopefully it will come out of her clothes! We’ll set it out on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day for the Leprechauns to fill with green Easter grass, necklaces, a glow in the dark shamrock wand and some candy. 🙂

IMG_8952 IMG_8958

Full of magic and trickery, the leprechauns remain in their hidden world until the night before St. Patrick’s Day. On that one night of the year they appear throughout the world to dance and sing and frolic.

Disguising themselves as leaves and grass, and sounding like the wind and the crickets, they come and go unnoticed.

However, it is said that if a decorated treasure box is left empty under the moon, the leprechauns must fill the box with gold or jewels or gifts. But then they will hide the filled box in the most unlikely of places.

If the box is found on St. Patrick’s Day, the treasure remains in our world. If not, the leprechauns may retrieve what is rightfully theirs. And though the leprechauns are very clever, it is not impossible to find the treasure because, unknowingly, leprechauns often leave a trail of greenery behind them.

Dr. Seuss Day Activities

Did you know that tomorrow, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday?!! Here are some fun and easy ways you can celebrate with your family! These ideas don’t require a lot of prep work and your kids will love making this Saturday something special!

– Buy a new book each year and read it together over a breakfast of green eggs and ham. Recipe here.

green eggs and ham

– Let them make some Cat In The Hat fruit hats from strawberries, bananas and apple slices. (Thanks to Super Healthy Kids – my sister-in-law Amy’s website for this cute idea!)

fruit hats dr seuss

– Get them crafting – they can make a Thing 1, Cat In The Hat pencil holder or a Lorax mask.

thing one hand paint  pencil holder lorax mask

– Print an activity book for them here or let them play the online activities they have. Here is one that I thought was really cute: dr seuss booklet

– Have some Dr. Seuss snacks on hand like this fish bowl of crackers. Or get them involved by letting them help you make swirly seuss-like cookies.

fish bowl with crackersrainbow cookies dr seuss

– Check out your local library for special activities. For those in Utah County, the Spanish Fork library is hosting a book party – find more details here. The Orem library is having a storytelling beginning at 4:00pm – open to all. Find more details about that here.

Looking for some cute Thing 1 & Thing 2 Party Favors? I’ve got a great idea right here. Want some super cute Thing 1 & Thing 2 cookies? Here’s a super simple and delicious recipe for them.

Winnie The Pooh DIY party ideas

My friend Kara did the cutest Winnie The Pooh party for her son turning 4 years old. I LOVED Winnie the Pooh when I was growing up and still do! She came up with some really fun ideas. Here is a brief overview, for full details visit her blog posts about the party here.

She started by making invitations with this darling poem:

winnie the pooh invites

She also made this adorable cake (which she suggests using Reeces Pieces for instead of M&M’s):

Winnie the pooh cake

Then, because she is really great at all things crafty – she MADE these cute felt bees (and includes a detailed tutorial on her site) and box for a bee toss game:Felt bee  winnie the pooh bee toss

The kids also had a tigger bouncing race (I love the cute little guys lined up in their potato sacks!):

potato sack race

She is so crafty and super creative!

I looked around for other DIY ideas around the Winnie the Pooh theme and found some other cute details you could include:

Serve honeycomb cereal snacks:

Honey comb treats

Or Pooh Gummy Bears:

pooh gummy bears

And wash it all down with some Piglet Punch:

piglet punch

Let the kids color a Winnie the Pooh coloring page:


Or have these cute paper bag puppet pieces all printed and cut out so they can make a puppet (includes pdf printable and step by step instructions):


Let your kids explore the Hundred Acre Woods and incorporate these fun and simple ideas into your next party!

Image credits: Invitations, Tigger bounce race, bee toss, felt bee, cake, honeycomb, gummy bears, piglet punch, coloring page, paper bag puppets

Cowboy/Western Themed party

Each year I ask my husband what he wants to do for his birthday and he gives me the lame, “I just want to have my family over for cake and ice cream” answer! So, I have to do something to make it cute! Last year I decided to do a cowboy theme and at least do a few decorations and favors based around that.

As each of his 7 nieces and nephews entered the party we had them suite up with a bandanna, Sheriff’s badge and cowboy hat (all purchased at Zurchers).


Then we took their mug shot for the Wanted poster. To make the poster I purchased a white poster board cut the outside edges a little bit wiggly as well as a center square for the faces. I glued on my printed out letters (just printed on regular printer paper in a western looking font). Then spritzed it with a little bit of water so it would be malleable and folded creases in it all over and used a brown stamp pad to rub across the edges and folds to give it an aged and weathered look.


Isn’t my daughter the cutest little outlaw?!


For the food we served: sloppy joes, veggies and dip, baked beans, potato salad and chips. I found the cute fabric for the tables and the backdrop in my mom’s vast fabric room (yes, an entire room) as well as that awesome cowboy boot lamp – what a gem! 🙂

IMG_7974 IMG_7972

For the activities we pinned the tail on the horse and broke a cowboy boot piniata. I had planned to have the kids make vests or chaps (their choice) out of brown paper bags, but we honestly just got  having fun, talking and eating that in the middle of the party I decided to forgo that. And then, as requested by the birthday boy, we served cake and ice cream. 🙂


Now, I’ve got to say, when I came across this party I was INCREDIBLY impressed. The creativity of the activities coupled with the DIY nature of all of the elements made me one happy girl! I am now itching to plan a REAL cowboy party so I can use these ideas (but alas, my husband said of his birthday in one month, that again, he wants cake and ice cream – apparently I need to borrow someones kids!).

In short, to celebrate her son’s 6th birthday they had the boys go through 8 “training” activities and earned badges along the way to becoming a real cowboy and once they completed them, they had a marshmallow gun shoot out (her post has instructions on making marshmallow guns)! From top to bottom, I LOVE IT!

The training exercises were:

– Relay races with homemade stick horses (including a DIY tutorial)stick horses

– Pony grooming/ pin the tail on the homemade horse)

– Boot toss/bean bag toss

– Steer roping/ring toss with bottles painted into a cow patternsteer roping

– Panning for “gold” – which was spray painted fish bowl gravel

– Color station where they colored a WANTED poster – includes a free printable

– Horseshoes

She served hot dogs, fruit/veggies and then a dessert table with cake, s’mores, licorice and other goodies all with fun cowboy names!


It really is a darling party, follow this link for the full post. I love that she crafted the activities herself!

Link Party Thanks: Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, Not Just A Housewife, Kathe With an E, Sugar Bee Crafts

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Teachers and Friends

I still remember coming home one Valentine’s Day afternoon when I was a freshman in high school to find a flower on my dresser with a note, scribbled on a 3 x 5 card in my Dad’s signature felt tip pen and barely legible hand writing, “I love you”.  There was one there for two of my sisters as well, which meant that the bouquet on the kitchen table for my mom only had 9 stems instead of 12. I’m sure she didn’t mind. It made me feel so special, especially because it meant that my father, who is blind, had taken a bus to the store to purchase the flowers and had to ask for help in selecting the flowers and finding the right money to pay with. My parents still pass out valentines to the grandchildren, a small treat with a store bought card expressing their love. It is simple, but means so much to me. I want to carry on this tradition and so even though my daughter is only 1 1/2 we wanted to make a few valentines for her to give away to those she loves.

I got the idea for these from the Silhouette blog. My sweetheart bought me a new Silhouette for Christmas this year and I LOVE it! It was a little bit of an investment, but I am having so much fun with it! If you don’t have an electronic cutting machine (come borrow mine) you could also put treats in little plastic cups and they would be just as cute! I saw valentines themed cups at Maceys grocery store 2 for $1 – or you could even use red Solo cups.

I cut out the french fry boxes from patterned scrapbook paper. IMG_8941

Then I took a page from my sisters decorating book (see Monday’s post) and added some newspaper pinwheels. I finished them off with a heart cut from cardstock. IMG_8942

I slid some tissue paper in them and filled them with sweet treats like ju-ju hearts, cinnamon lips, salt water taffy and sour balls and put them in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon. I can’t wait to take her around to deliver these to her grandparents and her little friends. IMG_8947

I also wanted to make some treat baskets to take to some of the women in my neighborhood (wink, wink, nudge, nudge – visiting teaching) so I made a stop at my dollar store to pick up some supplies. I found these cute baskets there in the garbage can section and they were the perfect size and shape! Then I bought lots of fun goodies to fill them with like: popcorn, cream soda, a candle, suckers, candy jewelry, Little Debbie snacks (I miss Hostess so much!) and conversation hearts. IMG_8925

I added some tissue paper and wrapped them in cellophane (all found at the dollar store) and I think they turned out really cute! These would be great to give school teachers or your significant other! Each basket only cost $5 for everything!


If you haven’t purchased the valentines your kids are going to distribute in school, don’t spend any money – here are links to 5 really cute FREE valentine printables that you can print right at home!

Free Printable Valentine - ARMY - events to CELEBRATE!


Army Valentine Printable

Colorful and fun valentine

Colorful and fun printable

Valentine kisses

Kisses bag topper printable

Treats for the Sweet valentine

Treats for the Sweet printable

You Rock valentine

You Rock! printable

Valentine’s Day DIY Decorations

Are you looking for some fun, simple and inexpensive Valentine’s Day decorations? Look no further!IMG_8933

This Valentine’s Day garland is easy to make, super cute and the supplies come right to your door each Sunday morning. A few years ago my sister Beth made this garland for me and gave it to me for Christmas. It was before pinwheels were all the rage, she’s ahead of the trends like that. 🙂 I was super excited to get it because it was my very first Valentine’s Day decoration!IMG_8939

I love that this garland looks a little antique, but is modernized by the little bit of glitz. It is made from newspaper (doesn’t get much less expensive than that in the world of scrapbooking paper that is normally $.60 – $1.00 per sheet) and embellished with shimmery card stock circles and chipboard white letters.IMG_89361- Cut strips of newspaper of equal width and length. You can leave the edges plain, use a border paper punch or use decorative scissors to cut along one edge. She used a Martha Stewart border punch to create the lacy edge (and I LOVE IT).

2- Accordion fold the strips of paper (if it is too short you may have to staple/glue two strips together). Then gather at the center (like making a paper fan) and secure the ends together with glue or staples.

3- Hot glue the pinched together center so it holds together.

4- Embellish with letters, hearts, glitter, etc.

It costs maybe a couple of dollars, takes about an hour and is one of my most favorite holiday decorations from any season!

Okay, so you need something that is even less time consuming than that? Here is a link to a FREE garland. All you have to do is print it, cut it out and string it.

vday free garland

Here are two really cute wreaths that are super simple to make, the supplies can be found almost anywhere (including WalMart) and they don’t cost a lot of money!

My friend Kara made this wreath out of wood heart cutouts from the craft store, painted them and glued them in a circle. Simple, inexpensive and a fun craft to do during naptime! She posted a tutorial here.

Kara's Valentines WreathI also love this one using a Styrofoam heart form, red felt circles and a hot glue gun to create this wreath. Again, super simple to make (especially if you have helpers cutting out the circles) with a super cute result! Here is a tutorial.

heart wreath

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