Winnie The Pooh DIY party ideas

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My friend Kara did the cutest Winnie The Pooh party for her son turning 4 years old. I LOVED Winnie the Pooh when I was growing up and still do! She came up with some really fun ideas. Here is a brief overview, for full details visit her blog posts about the party here.

She started by making invitations with this darling poem:

winnie the pooh invites

She also made this adorable cake (which she suggests using Reeces Pieces for instead of M&M’s):

Winnie the pooh cake

Then, because she is really great at all things crafty – she MADE these cute felt bees (and includes a detailed tutorial on her site) and box for a bee toss game:Felt bee  winnie the pooh bee toss

The kids also had a tigger bouncing race (I love the cute little guys lined up in their potato sacks!):

potato sack race

She is so crafty and super creative!

I looked around for other DIY ideas around the Winnie the Pooh theme and found some other cute details you could include:

Serve honeycomb cereal snacks:

Honey comb treats

Or Pooh Gummy Bears:

pooh gummy bears

And wash it all down with some Piglet Punch:

piglet punch

Let the kids color a Winnie the Pooh coloring page:


Or have these cute paper bag puppet pieces all printed and cut out so they can make a puppet (includes pdf printable and step by step instructions):


Let your kids explore the Hundred Acre Woods and incorporate these fun and simple ideas into your next party!

Image credits: Invitations, Tigger bounce race, bee toss, felt bee, cake, honeycomb, gummy bears, piglet punch, coloring page, paper bag puppets


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