4th of July Trivia for Kids 


Take your Independence Day celebration to the next level with the fun 4th of July Trivia for kids! Great way to test their American history knowledge! 

As a kid, my extended family would always gather at a local park for a barbecue on July 4th. 

My grandpa would fire up the grill and make a mountain of hamburgers and hot dogs. We would all pitch in by bringing things like chips, lemonade, watermelon, potato salad, and a cooler with all the kinds of soda my mom didn’t usually buy haha. Oh and you can’t forget about the vanilla ice cream and apple pie. We’re all about the American classics. 

There was a playground that my cousins and I would go play on while the parents assembled the food. 

After we were stuffed, we’d go right back to running around and getting sweaty. There was a baseball field right next to the park, so we would go play a pretty mediocre game of baseball or kickball as the sun went down. 

As we packed up our things, there would be big firework shows that lit up the sky. It was beautiful! 

Thinking back on it all puts a big smile on my face. Because of these memories, I love the 4th of July, and I hope you will love it too! 

No matter how you choose to celebrate this American holiday, adding in this fourth of July trivia game can be a fun way to test your kids’ history knowledge! 

4th of July Trivia Questions and Answers 

There are all kinds of fun facts related to the American Revolution and birth of the United States as its own independent country. Going over these interesting facts on July 4th is a great way to remember and honor the efforts that were made in founding this great nation. 

When it comes to playing this fun trivia, there are a few options. 

Depending on how difficult you want to make this trivia, there are 2 ways to play. 

The first option is to play with multiple choice. In order to do this, either print out the free printable with multiple choices or verbally offer answers when you ask them the questions. Both the printable and this article have the correct answers included. This first option tends to be best suited for younger kids who aren’t as familiar with the history terms. (ages 6-12 yrs) 

The second option is to have your kids guess the answers without any choices given. There is an additional printable that is available for this option. Without the suggested answers, this version of trivia is more challenging and better suited for an older audience. (ages 12+) 

While I have include a suggested age range, don’t stress too much about that. Any one could play either version. Those are just there to help people find which option might best suit their knowledge level. 

Questions About People 

1. Who was king of Britain when the American Colonies declared independence? 

  • King George III (correct) 
  • King Henry VII
  • King Charles III

2. Who was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Amy during the American Revolution? 

  • General Richard Henry Lee of Virginia 
  • General Calvin Coolidge 
  • General George Washington (correct) 

3. Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence?

  • Thomas Jefferson (correct)
  • Thomas Edison
  •  Robert Livingston 

4. What is the name of the man with the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence? 

  • John Hancock (correct) 
  • John Adams 
  • Roger Sherman 

5. Who is known for their “midnight ride” to warn the patriot leaders that the redcoats were coming? 

  • Ethan Allen 
  • Paul Revere (correct) 
  • Samuel Adams 

6. Which of these men was not one of the founding fathers? 

  • Ross Hall (correct) 
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Alexander Hamilton 

7. Who was the first president of the United States? 

  • Abraham Lincoln 
  • George Washington (correct) 
  • James Monroe

Questions About Events

8. What country did the American colonies declare independence from? 

  • France 
  • Mexico 
  • Great Britain (correct)

9. Which document was used first?

  • The Constitution 
  • The Declaration of Independence (correct)
  • The Articles of Confederation 

10. What year was the Declaration of Independence signed? 

  • 1776 (correct) 
  • 1492 
  • 1803 

11. Where was the adoption of the Declaration of Independence? 

  • The Second Continental Congress (correct) 
  • Battle of the Alamo 
  • The War of 1812

12. Which State was the first to ratify the US Constitution? 

  • New York 
  • Rhode Island 
  • Delaware (correct) 

13.When did the 4th of July become a federal (official) holiday in the US? 

  • 1953
  • 1941 (correct)
  • 1907

Questions About Other Topics 

14. Which American song are these lyrics from? “And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there” 

  • My Country Tis Of Thee 
  • The Star Spangled Banner (correct) 
  • America the Beautiful 

15. How many stars were on the original flag for the 13 colonies? 

  • 10 
  • 50
  •  13 (correct) 

16. What is the national bird of the United States of America? 

  • Bald Eagle (correct) 
  • Mocking Bird 
  • Cardinal 

17. Which American song written by Francis Scott Key is the national anthem? 

  • The Star-Spangled Banner (correct) 
  • Yankee Doodle 
  • God Bless the USA 

18. What is the capital of the USA? (and what state is it in?)

  • New York City in New York 
  • Philadelphia in Pennsylvania 
  • Washington D.C. in Virginia (correct) 

19. What do the stripes on the American flag represent? 

  • The number of years of the American Revolution 
  • The original 13 colonies (correct) 
  • The blood (red) spilt in order to gain peace (white)

20. Which color stripe comes first (top down) on the US flag?

  • Red (correct) 
  • White 
  • Blue 

Bonus Questions 

  • Name at least three U.S. presidents.
  • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance from memory. 
  • Name all 7 of the founding fathers.
  • True or false, the Liberty Bell has a crack in it. 

Printable 4th of July Trivia 

Here is a free, instant download printable for all the trivia cards. This should make it easy for you to use and share with others!

Above is the version with the multiple choices. For that option, the answer key is listed at the bottom.

Below it the version with open ended response. These pages are meant to be printed double sided. That way players can flip the sheet over to see if they got the answers correct.

Of course there are a million things we could’ve included in this game, but hopefully you and your family members are able to connect and have fun with this American history trivia. 

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