Fabulous DIY Cupcake Displays

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When it comes to cupcakes finding a good way to arrange them can be tricky. Not anymore. Try one of these fabulous DIY cupcake displays.

Candle Holder

This is an easy peasy one that still looks fancy. It’s a candle holder and a plate. Yep, that’s it. I told you it was easy. They are stuck together with glue. Letting it dry before using it will be the hardest part with this fabulous DIY cupcake display. You can get creative as well with the kind of candle holder you choose to use as well as they type of plate. Let your imagination run wild.


Plastic Plate and Cup

Seriously folks. This awesome tiered cupcake stand is made out of plastic plates and cups. Which makes it disposable so when you are done you can toss it out (unless you want to use it again of course). You get different tiers by using different sizes of plates. Add a little spray paint and your stand is complete. I have tried this one myself. You’ll want to use a strong plastic plate so your stand doesn’t topple over when it gets the weight of the cupcakes on it.


In a Glass

A cupcake in a glass is a fabulous way to display. You can find glasses like the one below at Amazon. Fill the bottom with some festive treats and drop the cupcake in on top. Not only is this a great way to display your cupcakes but it’s a convenient way for your guests to carry their cupcakes. Especially if they are being used as a party favor to take home.

Smart School House

Recycled Boxes

To make this tiered cupcake display follow the directions from Maegs Bakes Cakes. You’ll start with some used USPS boxes in different sizes. Then fold and cut them to get the tiered look. Once assembled spray paint to match your events theme and tada! You have a tiered cupcake display that is super fabulous.

Maegs Bakes Cakes
Maegs Bakes Cakes

Crate Cupcake Display

I found this look from an actual cake store called Get Caked in New York. This look uses crates layered on top of each other and even turned different directions. The depth of the crate allows for 3 deep cupcake stacking. If you don’t have crates laying around have no fear. Since crates are pretty popular these days you can find them at most craft stores and even on Amazon.

Get Caked

After looking at these fabulous DIY cupcake displays you are probably itching to bake some cupcakes! Well bake away because now you have 5 fabulous ways to display them for your guests when you are finished.

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