Minute To Win It Valentine Games

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Need a game for a Valentine’s party at school or home? Check out these Minute To Win It Valentine’s games to keep everyone entertained.

The Valentine’s Games:

Heart Transplant

Grab some conversation hearts, paper plates and straws. This game is super easy to set up and so fun to play. The object of the game is to get your conversation hearts transferred from one plate to the other. The trick is you can only use the straw to do it. So get ready to take a deep breath and suck the candy heart to the straw and get those hearts moving.

Minute to Win It: Tower of Love

Pull out those candy conversation hearts again for this Minute To Win It game because this time we are building a tower with them. Stack the hearts one on top of the other and see who can stack the most before the tower topples over or your minute is up.

Minute to Win it: That’s A Wrap

For this Minute To Win It game you’ll need some gloves. Think winter gloves or oven mitts. You’ll also need some wrapped Valentine candy like Hershey kisses. Set the timer for a minute as the players face off to see who can unwrap the most candy with their bulky gloved hands.

Minute to Win it: Heart Stack

This game of skill will have you not only balancing the candy hearts on their ends but you’ll have to be careful not to knock them over once you get them standing. Set the timer for one minute and off you go. See who has the most standing up when the timer goes off.

Minute to Win it: Shake Down

To make the shake down grab some empty water bottles and valentine candy to fill it with. Tape the two bottles together and start shaking. See who can get all the candy from one bottle to the other. Or go for a minute and see how many times you can transfer the candy from one bottle to the other.

Minute to Win it: Valentine Toss

It’s the same idea as the old school egg toss. Use a cup or your hands and any kind of Valentine candy. Stand the determined amount apart and let the minute begin. One player tosses the candy while the other player catches it in their cup. The team with the most candy after a minute is the WINNER.

There are so many great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Set aside a minute or two to play some of these Minute To Win It Valentine games with your loved ones and friends this Valentine’s Day.

Minute to Win It Valentine Games

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