6 Superhero Girl Themed Party {The Games and Crafts}

This Superhero Party games and crafts for my nieces party were seriously so much fun!

Did you love the Superhero themed party decorations and food I shared last week from the party? They were really simple, but there was no doubt what theme the party was thanks to them! And, I’m in a stage of life where easy to put together is a good thing! 

Superhero Party Crafts

These crafts came to me complimentary from Oriental Trading – woot, woot! The girls all had a lot of fun customizing them and putting them together. As they arrived they were given a Superhero cape made from a plastic table cover. 

1) Superhero Masks and Cuffs

Super Hero Girl Birthday Party: Games and Crafts

This Superhero Masks and Cuffs kit was great! It came with 12 masks, 12 sets of cuffs and TONS of precut shapes both in cardstock paper and glitter adhesive backed foam.

The kids got to decorate the Superhero masks however they wanted. Just a warning, they are kind of stuck together right out of the package. We thought we only had 9 masks but discovered that a few were two masks stuck together. 

2) Superhero Picture Frame

Super Hero Girl Birthday Party: Games and Crafts

This Superhero Girl picture frame kit from Oriental Trading came with 12 picture frames individually wrapped with adhesive backed foam stickers for the girls to decorate the frame with.

After they decorated the frame, we took their picture in front of this City Scene Backdrop in a Superhero pose as well as jumping off a mini trampoline onto a pile of pillows. We were hoping it would look like they were flying but thanks to my mediocre photography skills, they were all blurry. I told them it just meant they were flying SUPER fast!

The pictures will go into the frames they decorated. 

Super Hero Girl Birthday Party: Games and Crafts
Super Hero Girl Birthday Party: Games and Crafts

Superhero Party Games

We had each game test one of their Superhero Skills and they were so cute doing them and cheering each other on!

3) Super Smart: Superhero Bingo

To test their Super Smart abilities we printed off these FREE Superhero Girl Bingo pages and had them play for fabulous prizes! 

4) Super Agile: Laser Maze

Super Hero Girl Birthday Party: Games and Crafts

We tied yarn all around the perimeter of the play structure to the fence and timed each girl as she raced through, over and under the “laser” maze as quickly as she could. 

5) Super Speed: Sharks and Minnows

Super Hero Girl Birthday Party: Games and Crafts

To test their Super Speed we played Sharks and Minnows.

  • You start with one player in the center of the field as the shark with all other players at one end.
  • The players race to the other side trying to avoid being tagged by the shark.
  • Any tagged players join the center and become sharks.
  • The minnows continue racing across until everyone is tagged. 

6) Super Accurate: Spider Web Shooting

Super Hero Girl Birthday Party: Games and Crafts

A mountain of 15 paper cups was set up and each girl was given a can of silly string. They had so much fun shooting down the tower!

Once they finished their turn we sent them outside to spray it at each other. So fun!!