Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids – Gumdrop Turkeys

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Each year for Thanksgiving I try to come up with some fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids while dinner is being prepared. I love to have them in the kitchen to help prepare the food, but it is also nice to have a few additional activities for them to get involved in.

Thanksgiving Crafts - Gumdrop Turkeys -

These Gumdrop Turkeys have become a tradition over the last 5 years and the kids LOVE making them (and eating them along the way). We have an older child (like 12 or 13) supervise the younger ones while they make these for each place setting at the Thanksgiving dinner table. They love that they are helping out and have a lot of fun personalizing the turkey for each family member. Once we sit down they love to point out which ones they made at the table! It has become a tradition that I hope lasts for decades to come! Here’s how to make them:

Gumdrop Turkey Supplies:

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Large & Small Gumdrops (sold separately)
– Toothpicks

Step 1:

Take 3 full length toothpicks and insert them on an angle into 3 small gumdrops

Gumdrop Turkeys - step 1
Step 2:

Insert the full length toothpicks in a tripod pattern into the bottom of a large gumdrop (this will be the body). Then add a 1/2 length toothpick for the head.

Gumdrop Turkeys - step 2
Step 3:

Add a small gumdrop to the 1/2 length toothpick to make the Turkey head. Then push four small gumdrops onto four 1/2 length toothpicks to make the feathers.

Gumdrop Turkeys - Step 3
Step 4:
Gumdrop Turkeys - Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Push the four feathers into the back of the Turkey body to make the feathers.  

Aren’t they cute?!! Whether for a school class craft or as a Thanksgiving Day activity for the little ones while dinner is being prepared – these Gumdrop Turkeys are so fun, easy and inexpensive to make! I’ll be sharing more fun Thanksgiving Crafts for kids as well as other holiday and party ideas on my website in the coming weeks, so please stop over and check them out!

Gumdrop Turkey - Thanksgiving Craft

*This post was originally published on Mom It Forward on Friday, November 1st.


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