Valentine’s Day DIY Decorations

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Are you looking for some fun, simple and inexpensive Valentine’s Day decorations? Look no further!IMG_8933

This Valentine’s Day garland is easy to make, super cute and the supplies come right to your door each Sunday morning. A few years ago my sister Beth made this garland for me and gave it to me for Christmas. It was before pinwheels were all the rage, she’s ahead of the trends like that. 🙂 I was super excited to get it because it was my very first Valentine’s Day decoration!IMG_8939

I love that this garland looks a little antique, but is modernized by the little bit of glitz. It is made from newspaper (doesn’t get much less expensive than that in the world of scrapbooking paper that is normally $.60 – $1.00 per sheet) and embellished with shimmery card stock circles and chipboard white letters.IMG_89361- Cut strips of newspaper of equal width and length. You can leave the edges plain, use a border paper punch or use decorative scissors to cut along one edge. She used a Martha Stewart border punch to create the lacy edge (and I LOVE IT).

2- Accordion fold the strips of paper (if it is too short you may have to staple/glue two strips together). Then gather at the center (like making a paper fan) and secure the ends together with glue or staples.

3- Hot glue the pinched together center so it holds together.

4- Embellish with letters, hearts, glitter, etc.

It costs maybe a couple of dollars, takes about an hour and is one of my most favorite holiday decorations from any season!

Okay, so you need something that is even less time consuming than that? Here is a link to a FREE garland. All you have to do is print it, cut it out and string it.

vday free garland

Here are two really cute wreaths that are super simple to make, the supplies can be found almost anywhere (including WalMart) and they don’t cost a lot of money!

My friend Kara made this wreath out of wood heart cutouts from the craft store, painted them and glued them in a circle. Simple, inexpensive and a fun craft to do during naptime! She posted a tutorial here.

Kara's Valentines WreathI also love this one using a Styrofoam heart form, red felt circles and a hot glue gun to create this wreath. Again, super simple to make (especially if you have helpers cutting out the circles) with a super cute result! Here is a tutorial.

heart wreath


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