Dora The Explorer Birthday Party

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Hola! It’s Dora, Boots and all of your friends from Dora The Explorer featured in this DARLING party!

I grew up ballroom dancing and through that met some really fun, incredible people. Karson & Betsy are two of them. They have earned multiple national titles and are now amazing instructors. They have two adorable children, Izzy & Beckham, that joined their family through adoption. They are hoping to adopt another child and that’s just one reason I’m so excited to share their parties. Hopefully, you will spread the word about this amazing family and somehow we will help them make a connection with the right person out there.

They hosted this adorable Dora The Explorer birthday party for their daughter Izzy’s 2nd birthday.

Dora the Explorer Party Decorations:

I love the vibrant color palette they used, it all turned out so cute! A “Happy Birthday Izzy” banner was hung above a banner featuring characters from the show – super easy to do, but SO cute! They went the DIY route, but if that’s not for you – just check out these Dora The Explorer party supplies (I especially love the giant wall decoration!) 

Dora the Explorer birthday party food display
Dora the Explorer birthday banner

The party space is enviable. This patio is incredible because it gives you a defined food area and is open to the yard for the activities – but no matter where you are, you feel like you are all together.

Dora the Explorer party space

The centerpieces were so fun – just a simple box wrapped in white wrapping paper with lots of colorful ribbon, feathers and even some accordion folded Dora the Explorer wrapping paper (such a cute idea!). They included some cute “explorer stars” as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dora the Explorer birthday party centerpiece

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake:

The pair of them have incredible decorating skills  – if I were to attempt this, it would turn out looking more like a  shoe than Dora. ๐Ÿ™‚ Props to them. If baking isn’t your gig, just check out these cute Dora The Explorer cake decorations and a Dora cake pan!

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake
Dora the Explorer cupcakes

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Activities:

My favorite feature of the party was the map. They used the map to help them find Izzy’s birthday gifts that were hidden. They went over the stream, around the fountain, through the flower garden and found the gifts! Such a cute idea and a perfect way to incorporate the theme!!

Dora The Explorer Birthday map

The kids also had fun playing Pin the Tail on Swiper!

Dora the Explorer birthday activities

If you’re looking for additional ideas, there are LOTS of free printables found on the Nick Jr. website.

Thank you for sharing your creative and fun party ideas with us, Karson & Betsy! Their family blog is so inspirational. They truly live life fully and celebrate each day with their beautiful children.


  1. I was wondering how you did your Pin the Tail on Swiper game? Thanks! Melissa ๐Ÿ™‚

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