Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Put the pumpkins away and grab the tree. It’s time for some easy DIY Christmas ornaments to get the holiday started off right. HO HO HO.

Snow Globe

I have always wanted to make this personalized easy DIY Christmas ornament. It would be so much fun taking the pictures and making the snow globe.

Crafty Morning

Craft Sticks

Let your creative juices flow on this DIY ornament made from craft sticks. From Santa to a snowman there is something that is sure to please the little elves in your house.

Kids Activities


After a game of Scrabble consider making an easy ornament out of your favorite letters.

A Night Owl

Chalk Paint

For an easy ornament that you could change from year to year try using chalk paint. This idea from easy peasy and fun is just that.

Easy Peasy and Fun

Mason Jar Lid

There always seems to be a plethora of mason jar lids lying around. Why not turn them into this DIY Christmas ornament. This example uses fabric for the design but I’ve also seen them with a photo inside.

The Frugal Homemaker


These pinecones are just spray painted. How easy is that. Use pinecones from around the yard or repurpose those cinnamon smelling ones you bought at the store and have lost their scent.

Country Living

Burlap Reindeer

This would be the perfect easy DIY for your little ones. The Resourceful Mama has taken a simple burlap triangle and turned it into an adorable Reindeer.

The Resourceful Mama

Paper Ball

This easy ornament will match any tree decor you have. Simply choose matching paper. Boom! Done!

By Stephanie Lynn


Take some of those sweet treats and turn them into these festive easy DIY Christmas ornaments. They are sure to keep your tree smelling sweet.

Woman’s Day

Stuffed People

I am loving this idea. Favorite family photos of loved ones turned into stuffed ornaments. Woman’s Day has the instructions and these ornaments are an easy DIY.

Woman’s Day

Tea Light Snowman

Tea lights are easy to find and come in packs so you can make lots of these snowmen. Get creative and add your own personality to this easy DIY Christmas ornament.

One Little Project


Not only are these adorable ornaments but you can send the littles out looking for twigs. Simple As That Blog has easy instructions on how to make these DIY twig Christmas ornaments.

Simple As That


13 years ago I made gingerbread ornaments for our tree and we are still using them today! It is an easy DIY Christmas ornament that is so festive and fun.

Decor Charm

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Every tree would look happy and bright with these owls nesting in the branches. The best part is they are so EASY to make with a toilet paper roll and some paper.

Pam’s Party and Practical Tips

Truck With a Tree

Grab some buttons and craft sticks because we have a truck to make. Throw a cute DIY Christmas tree in the back and you have yourself a festive and fun ornament.

Fun Loving Families

Christmas ornaments hold a special place in my heart. As we decorate our tree each year we talk about the ornaments as we hang them and they each bring back a memory of when we got it or made it. Make more memories with your family by creating some of these easy DIY Christmas ornaments for your tree this year.

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