Easy Halloween Games

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Tomorrow I’m hosting a Halloween party/play group for my daughter and her friends and I wanted to quickly share the activities we are going to do. These would be perfect for a family Halloween party, a preschool Halloween party or even a younger Elementary school Halloween party. They are easy to put together, don’t cost much at all and will keep the kids so happy! I think they would be perfect to do as a family after school so your kids aren’t itching to go Trick-or-Treating at 4:00 pm. 🙂

So, here we go – some really EASY HALLOWEEN GAMES to add to your weekend festivities!



Picture Coloring & Cupcake Walk

Easy Halloween Games - Events To Celebrate

As the girls arrive I’ll let them select a picture to color while we wait for the others to show up. I printed free Halloween coloring pages here. Then, later these will be the markers we place on the floor to have a spooky cupcake walk. Don’t know what a cupcake walk is? Place the pictures in a large circle on the floor. Everyone starts by standing next to a picture and you start some music (Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, etc.) while they march around (not on) the pictures. Stop the music randomly and then draw the name of one of the photos out of a hat. The person standing next to that picture wins a little prize (usually a cupcake – but it will be a plastic spider ring in our case) and steps out of the circle. You continue until everyone has won a prize!

Want a fun twist on the cupcake walk? Check out this post where we did something fun after all the prizes were distributed but the kids wanted to keep playing – it was a blast!

Halloween Bingo

Easy Halloween Games - Events To Celebrate

I love the free Halloween Bingo cards done by Artsy Fartsy Mama, in fact she has them for every holiday and they are always so dang cute! This set came with 8 different cards and the calling pieces. I laminated them and they’ve been used for the last 3 Halloweens at our house. For the prize I have a goodie bag with a glow stick, halloween stickers, plastic bat rings & candy.

Cupcake Decorating

Easy Halloween Games - Events To Celebrate

Cupcake Decorating is a classic Halloween activity. I made chocolate cupcakes and will let them put purple or orange frosting on them and then they have sprinkles, candy corn, m&m’s and candy eyeballs to add as well as black piping frosting. It’s going to be messy but FUN!!

Halloween Headbandz or Halloween Guessing Game

Easy Halloween Games - Events To Celebrate

I googled a bunch of Halloween clip art images and printed them on plain paper. Each guest will get one with a piece of tape on the back and they will put it on their forehead without looking at it. When it is their turn, they will go around the circle and ask one question to each person until they are able to guess what image they have on their forehead.

Candy Corn Relay

Easy Halloween Games

I’ll start all of the girls at one end of the yard with a bowl of candy corn and a spoon. Then on the word “go” they have to put some in their spoon and race it to the other end of the yard and put it in their bowl, then run back for more. The first girl to get all of their candy corn in the bowl using only the spoon – WINS!

Witch Popcorn Hands

Easy Halloween Treats - Events To Celebrate

These are simple and really fun! Just take a plastic food glove (not a medical glove) and place a candy corn in each finger (the fingernail) then fill with popcorn and add a plastic ring. We had to break the rings in order to fit them around the popcorn finger.

Those are the easy Halloween games I have planned for tomorrow, but if you are looking for MORE HALLOWEEN CRAFTS & GAMES – check out this post and this post. They’re full of good ones, I promise!


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