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Simple Birthday Party Decorations

Birthday Party Decorations

I recently did these cute, but simple birthday party decorations for my incredible in-laws. I really lucked out and got amazing in-laws. This year both of them turn 60, just a few months apart from each other so, as a family we wanted to do something big to celebrate. My brother & sister in-law (my husbands brother and his wife) just finished building a cabin in the mountains of western Colorado and they offered to host the entire family there for the weekend celebration! We assigned each family meal to provide and each family was asked to bring an activity for the kids to do. Since I was an hour from the nearest anything – I had to keep the birthday party decorations simple enough to transport and set-up. So, I decided created a decorative treatment for the balcony that opens over the kitchen and family room.


Simple Birthday Party Decorations

I wanted a gender neutral color palette, but wanted it to be fun and bright, so I selected Red, Orange and Yellow. I used the orange butcher paper fringe that my sister made for this party for the top layer. Then I used a needle and thread to string together 8 of each color balloon and taped the ends of each string to the balcony for the second layer.


For the third layer I created a banner using patterned paper from Hobby Lobby and cream cardstock for the letters. I used my Silhouette to cut them out and then ran glue along all of the edges to add glitter in coordinating colors.


For the fourth layer I wanted to personalize it by featuring photos of my in-laws from various stages of their lives. They were high school sweethearts so I included photos from them in high school all the way to now. I added glitter to clothespins and tied them to the balcony using embroidery floss in Red, Orange and Yellow.

Photo Birthday Party Decorations


Although the entire weekend was technically celebrating their birthdays – I wanted to still have a “birthday party” one of the nights.  We had pulled pork sandwiches (this recipe – and trust me, it got rave reviews!), coleslaw (this recipe, anything from Our Best Bites is yummy!), watermelon, cornbread and cake (from Schmidts in Salt Lake City, UT). Then we all watched a movie in the theater room while we indulged in some of the favorite types of candy of my in-laws that I had brought.


It really was an incredible weekend, we went on rides all around on the Rangers:


Made Birthday cards for Grandma and Grandpa:


Beaded necklaces

Had a water balloon fight and played with bug catching nets & magnifying glasses

Keeping things simple really helped me focus on the time with family and it was a fantastic weekend for everyone!

Father’s Day Cake and Gift Ideas

Father's Day Cake and Gift Ideas

For Father’s Day I wanted to make my husband his favorite cake, but I wanted to add a fun twist. I decided to cut the cake into the shape of a #1 – for #1 Dad. 🙂 Cute, huh? Luckily, we both have the same favorite cake – chocolate cake with caramel topping, whipped cream and toffee bits on top (sometimes referred to as “better than $=# cake”, but we don’t call it that).

I baked a regular Chocolate box cake mix and then turned it onto a serving platter to cool. I used cake release in the pan to make sure the cake would come out without any missing pieces.

 Father's Day Cake

Once it had cooled a little bit I cut the shape I wanted. I used the cut out pieces to put together the # symbol. It looks a little bit ghetto, but once it is covered in whipped cream, you can’t tell. Then I made a few slits in the cake with a knife and drizzled on the caramel topping. I left it in the fridge overnight so it could soak into the cake (the traditional recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk to be poured over the cake as well – but I think that dilutes the caramel flavor and makes the cake too soggy).

 Number One Cake with Caramel & Whipped Cream

I used a piping bag to add the whipped topping because it was kind of a tricky shape and I wanted to be able to control how it went on. Lastly, I added the toffee bit sprinkles and I’m all set!

 Number One Dad Father's Day Cake Idea

Don’t worry, the leftover pieces didn’t go to waste. That was my late night t.v. watching indulgence.

Chocolate Cake with Caramel and Whipped Topping

Take a look at this adorable card I made. I stamped the words and then rolled my daughters hand in the ink pad and added her cute little hand print. My husband and the grandpa’s get one. Aren’t they precious?!!

Fathers Day handprint card

Then one last idea. My Dad is a huge rootbeer float fan, so I put together this kit for him. It has A&W Rootbeer, A&W Cream Soda, Ice Cream, an Ice Cream Scoop & 4 “beer” Mugs. It was really easy to put together and I KNOW he is going to love it!


Lalaloopsy Themed Birthday Party

I’m excited that my crafty friend Kara – who blogs at Simplistically Sassy shares this Lalaloopsy Themed Birthday party with you today. She is the ultimate DIY-er when it comes to parties and I love all of the personal details and touches she incorporated into this party for her daughter.

IMG_4921_edited-1 copy


– Button monogram using a variety of pink buttons hot glued onto a blank canvas

– Yarn pom pom garland – tutorial found here

– Button table garland using cardstock and yarn (she used a silhouette machine to cut the button shapes)

– Lalaloopsy dolls, tissue paper and painted terracotta pots

– Starburst topiary – tutorial found here

IMG_4959 IMG_4928_edited-2 IMG_4922_edited-1 IMG_4913_edited-1 IMG_4912


– At her daughters request, Kara made homemade baked donuts using a donut pan – like this one. Don’t they look delicious?! I shouldn’t write when I am hungry. The girls got to frost and decorate it with sprinkles. Fun and tasty!

IMG_4894_edited-1 IMG_4893_edited-1


– Keeping with the button theme – Kara filled a jar with buttons and the girls guessed how many were inside.

– The children colored Lalaloopsy coloring pages – found here for free!

– Each child made a Lalaloopsy necklaces using bottlecaps and pictures that fit them exactly (they can be found here for only $2.50!). She used mod podge to put the pictures on the caps, and then had the string pre-cut, and the beads ready for the girls.

– Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button? And Hot Pom Pom (like Hot Potato) rounded out the afternoon fun.

IMG_4917_edited-1 IMG_4916_edited-1


– These delicious and adorable chocolate button suckers – yum!


Do you have a party that you want featured on Events To Celebrate?!

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Despicable Me Birthday Party

This incredible Despicable Me birthday party was submitted by Rochelle Wilde. She is a stay at home mother of 5 (with one more on the way) and lives in Ohio. If you looked in the dictionary under Super-Mom, you’d see her photo. She cooks, bakes, sews and crafts all while she raises completely adorable children. Her creativity and cake decorating skills are ridiculous.

Despicable Me Birthday Party Ideas! Events to Celebrate!

Here are the minion-ized invites:

Despicable Me Invitations

Okay, there are actually two really big reasons why I love these cupcakes. First, they use Twinkies, which I can down an entire box of. Second, they are so darling!!

Despicable Me cupcakes

She referenced a tutorial found here on how to make the minions. But really, I know if I tried to do that they would end up looking like a lump of rainbow play dough that my 2 year old plays with. Well done! Her son specifically requested that the minions be “eating” the cake. 🙂

Despicable Me Cake

I love the simple, but well thought decorations.

Despicable Me Decorations

As guests arrived they each got to decorate their own pair of minion glasses.

Despicable Me Party Craft

Then it was on to playing Gru Says.

Despicable Me Game

That was followed by Finding the Moon and the Fluffy Unicorn dart game

Despicable Me Hide The Moon Game Despicable Me Party Game

Each child was sent home with their own perfect package of Coconutties (Graham crackers – since her son is named Graham).

Despicable Me Party Favor

If you’re planning the party for a younger crowd you could also have them color a Despicable Me coloring page – find some free printable ones here.

Looking for some really cute Despicable Me cups/plates/napkins for cheap? Click here.

Don’t have time to make a lot of decorations – here are some that are perfect! Click here.

Do you have a party that you want featured on Events To Celebrate?!

Just email your photos and a description of the party (especially details of any DIY portions) along with a list of where you got items used in the party (so we can borrow your ideas) to eventstocelebrateblog@gmail.com. Let’s party!

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Sewing Themed Brunch

This weekend I hosted a sewing themed brunch for my parents to honor my Mom for Mother’s Day. My mom is and always has been a lover of all things fabric, lace and thread. Growing up she would reupholster furniture to bring in extra income, sew the majority of our clothes and make clothes for our dolls and barbies. Now that she and my dad are retired she spends most of her time making quilts for humanitarian efforts, tatting leper bandages or making quilts for her kids and grand kids  She makes a quilt whenever any of them are born, for their first Christmas and when they get married. Since she has 9 kids and 42 grandkids, she’s pretty much in her sewing room (the largest two rooms in our house) all the time.

I thought it would be fitting to have sewing as the our theme for the decor. It also meant that gathering supplies would be super easy. I just raided her stuff, filled up my trunk and I was all set! I think it turned out really pretty. She was extremely touched and happy when she saw it – which was all I wanted.

Sewing Brunch Party

For the food table:

– I pulled some fabric through embroidery hoops and hung them on the wall.

– I accented the food table with a feather weight antique sewing machine and its case.

– I filled bowls and a cake stand with lots of lace ribbon/trim and tatting thread.

– I also added tatted doilies that were made by my Mom and Great Grandma.

IMG_9338 IMG_9314 Sewing Food DisplaySewing Party Display 

I wanted the food to be really feminine and decadent (it was a special occasion after all).

I served fresh raspberries and blueberries with freshly whipped cream.

Berries & Cream Brunch

I made a Strawberry Banana smoothie and some flavored water.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The breakfast casserole was really delicious (probably thanks to the amount of butter and bacon in it). I used the recipe found here and just did just under 1/2 for the pie plate and substituted bacon for ham – and I’ll be honest I used about 6 tbsp of butter instead of just 4. 🙂

Breakfast Casserole

And, really, what brunch is set without a few Orange and Raspberry rolls with cream cheese frosting from Shirley’s Bakery?

Shirley's Rolls

Sewing Themed Party Decor

For the dining table:

– I covered it with a tatted lace table cloth made by my great grandmother – isn’t it incredible?!

– I filled painted mason jars with carnations in shades of pink  and pinned a length of eyelet lace around each one as a little skirt. For the center I filled a large vase with Lilies (that my Mom got to take home).

– I set the table with antique plates, mason drinking jars and cloth napkins that had a measuring tape/pin napkin ring (one of my favorite details).

– I added framed photos of me and my mom from when we were infants.

Brunch decorations

Flowers & Lace   Sewing napkin rings Brunch table decor   Brunch table decor 2 

It was a beautiful brunch with delicious food, great company and very pretty decor. Happy Mother’s Day!


Baseball Themed Party


Baseball regular season started A few weeks ago and around my house that is a big deal. My husband played in high school and college and still enjoys playing on city league softball teams – not to mention playing MLB The Show on his PS3 and watching baseball as often as he can. We love going to major league games and plan our travels around them most of the time.

I did this for my husbands birthday party a few years ago but whether you are celebrating a birthday, Father’s Day or even just having a party to watch a big game – these ideas will help turn it from a generic party into one that is fun and themed without too much work (that’s the best kind, right?)!

I made a pennant banner and photo banner using black and white photos from his baseball playing days. (Pictured above)


Guests were invited to fill a treat bag with traditional ball field treats: licorice, sunflower seeds, big league chew bubble gum, peanuts and chips.


We served grilled J Dawgs (a local hot dog company – did you know you could order them in bulk to-go?), with all the fixings: onions, pickles, banana peppers, jalapenos, sauerkraut  and special J Dawgs sauce all on the delicious buns they provided.


We served root beer, cream soda and Crush.  IMG_4378We had guests sign a new baseball as a keepsake for my husband.

Once everyone had their plates we turned on the game and had a great time celebrating!


**This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples and so chances are, you know someone who is going through challenges in building their family. Reach out to them this week and give them some encouragement and support. Don’t know what’s okay to say or what you should avoid saying? Read this, it is the perfect guide on infertility etiquette to help you be a supportive friend/family member. 

Ice Cream Themed Party

Ice Cream Themed Party 2I asked my husband what type of party he wanted this year for his birthday and just like every year he said, “I just want my family over for cake and ice cream”. Well, I took that and ran with it! 🙂

Ice Cream Party Ideas

Ice Cream Themed Birthday Party

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the ice cream cones and scoops and then turned them into a garland by attaching them to a cream grosgrain ribbon. In between every two cones I added a tuft of lime green tulle. I created the 3-D cones from craft paper (using this template) and color coordinating balloons. The table cover is actually three that I cut to the size I wanted to create the “Neapolitan ice cream” striped look.

Ice Cream Party Garland

I made an ice cream scoop garland to drape across the front of the food table using paper scoops, ribbon and more tulle ribbon.

Ice Cream Party table garland

I turned ornament hangers into cone stands for the table centerpieces and scattered ice cream scoop confetti on the table.

Ice Cream Party Centerpiece

Guests had 3 flavors of ice cream and 14 toppings to choose from. The clear plastic toppings containers were only $2.50 at Walmart! I got the platic squeeze bottles at Orson Gigi for $1.50 each (but you can get them here for the same price: Plastic Squeeze Bottles) and I made the three levels for the toppings to sit on by wrapping 2×4’s in plastic table cover.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar Toppings Ice Cream Sundae Bar 2

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Ice Cream Bar ToppingsIce Cream Party ConesI made strawberry cupcakes in the ice cream cones (they were a little messy – don’t fill them more than 1/2 way) and topped them with vanilla frosting.  To bake them I put them in a muffin tin.Ice Cream Party Cone Cupcakes

For the favors guests were given an ice cream cone bubbles (3 for $1 at Dollar Tree), Ice Cream Cone Sidewalk Chalk (3 for $1 at Walmart) and an ice cream cone popper (12 for $3 at Zurchers).

I made the cone stand (tutorial shown in this post) out of cardboard and my trusty glue gun. Ice Cream Party FavorIce Cream Party Favors

Unfortunately, this is the party that never happened. I set everything up on a Friday and that night my daughter got the flu and we were up all night taking care of her. We sent everyone a message on Saturday telling that the party was postponed until the next Saturday. But then during that week my husband, his mother and his sister all came down with the flu so we ended up just cancelling it so that we wouldn’t spread the “love” to anyone else. Luckily, my niece had a birthday that same week so I was able to donate all of the goods to my sister for her party – hooray for birthdays and parties that actually get to happen!

If you are planning your own ice cream themed party you could include activities like: pin the cherry on the cone or a blind folded ice cream flavor guessing game. 🙂

Wedding Wednesday: Late Night Wedding Snacks

Late Night Wedding SnacksWhether you’re hosting a sit down dinner or a casual reception, wedding day festivities always go late into the evening. Chances are you’ve been dancing and its been hours since dinner (if you’ve had the chance to eat anything at all since you’re the bride and groom) –  so a fun late night snack is the perfect way to cap off the night for you and your guests! You don’t have to set out an entire spread, in fact it is more fun to do miniature versions in individual portions!

Here are some of my favorites:milk and cookies late night wedding food

Good old fashioned milk and cookies. I love serving little shooters of milk or chocolate milk with a plate of cookies. You could even cut a slit in the cookie and stand it on the edge of the milk glass.

root beer floats late night wedding food

Root beer float shooters. You don’t need a budget to serve 300 people a full serving, just buy smaller glasses and let guests enjoy a mini version of this popular treat! If you want to get fancy, offer a variety of soda’s with a small scoop of vanilla: orange, strawberry, root beer and grape!

french fries late night wedding food

Chances are you’re craving will be for something salty and fatty after your very long day. If your wedding cake, desserts and candy buffet are leaving you with a bit of a sugar high – a mini-bag of french fries is the perfect solution!

Marley's Sliders - late night wedding food

Cheeseburger sliders (Marley’s pictured above) are a really popular trend right now. They sound really good don’t they? That’s because they are! And when you’re on the dance floor at 11:00 pm they sound even better!

A few other ideas you could consider:

Salty, Buttery Popcorn

Ice Cream Cone

Chips & Salsa or Queso

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Wedges

Whatever you choose, make it fit your personality and have fun with it! Keep it simple, keep it small and it will keep in your budget! 🙂

Image Credits: Cookies & Milk, Root Beer Floats, French Fries, Marley’s Cheeseburgers

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