Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme


Are you looking for some fun ideas to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week? I came up with this fun Teacher Appreciation Week travel theme for ours last week and it went really well! Helping with Teacher Appreciation week the past few years is something I really enjoy and already signed up to do it again next year! Hopefully, you’ll use these ideas for your own and make it a really special week for those amazing teachers! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme

Teacher Appreciation Week Invitation

Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme

Sending out an invitation outlining teacher appreciation week helps set the tone for the week and lets the teachers prepare for the fun you have planned for them. I created this invitation on Canva.com and then had the secretary email it to all the teachers and staff. This really conveyed our teacher appreciation week travel theme.

The fine print for the teacher appreciation week of events is on the right side. It says:

  • Monday: In flight Beverage Service Enjoy complimentary beverages and a treat in the VIP Lounge from 11 am – 1 pm
  • Tuesday: Baggage Claim Please go to the baggage claim area (teacher box) for a surprise!
  • Wednesday: In flight Snack Flight Attendants will be coming through the cabin in the morning to deliver a snack.
  • Thursday: Souvenir Shop Please remain seated. A special token to help you remember this trip will be delivered to your classroom.
  • Friday: In flight Meal A delicious meal will be served in the VIP Lounge from 11 am – 1 pm

Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme Decorations

Using a cloud bulletin board paper as my inspiration, I added a title for the week using letters cut with my Silhouette machine. Then I followed the idea from this travel theme baby shower for the clouds and got the foam airplanes from the dollar store. On each table I put a white plastic table cover, more cloud paper, homemade paper airplanes and a framed saying. Some said, “Sierra Bonita Teachers Are First Class”, “8 Weeks Until We Reach Our Final Destination”, “You are PLANE Amazing!”, “Teaching is a Great Adventure.”

Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme
Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme
Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme

Teacher Appreciation Week In flight Beverage Service

Because the soda bar we did for them last year was such a huge success, we decided to duplicate it for this week and it fit the travel theme perfectly! We offered a variety of soda, syrups, purees, fresh lime and half & half. Then, the teachers had a choice between frosted sugar cookies or scotcheroos. Don’t you LOVE the banner? A mom on our committee made it last year and I am so amazed by her talent! We made sure to offer them 24 oz foam cups so they could get a good size soda and pebble ice (because pebble ice makes everything better).

Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme

Teacher Appreciation Week Inflight Snacks

From feedback we got last year, our teachers expressed that while they loved the circus treats we offered last year, they didn’t love that it wasn’t one of each item per person. This year we made sure to remedy that by giving each person a popcorn, candy bar and fruit during our snack delivery. I organized the snacks into easy to carry bins and we met at the school in the morning and went from classroom to classroom delivering the inflight snack.

Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme

Teacher Appreciation Week Inflight Meal

You know when you are setting up and serving at an event things get crazy? Well, that’s what happened and I forgot to take pictures! We had really amazing food too! We got party platters of sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, had green salad, fruit salad, chips, drinks and these AMAZING frosted brownies! It was really delicious food!

Teacher Appreciation Week Travel Theme

On the Baggage Claim day, the teachers all received a Doggy Bag with coupons for a free car wash, free meal at Chick fil a, a car air freshener and a free soda at a local soda shop.

On the Souvenir Shop day, the teachers all received a take home meal kit with items to make a pasta dinner (dry noodles, sauce & garlic bread) so they could take the night off. Brilliant, right?!

And, just in case you want to use the printables in the photos above, I’ll include them here:

Teacher Appreciation Travel Frames Printable

In Flight Meal Service Printable

In Flight Beverage Service Printable

Teacher appreciation airplane theme.

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  1. I was interested in the circus theme baby shower graphics youre riend did. Please lmk how to get these wonderful prints for my teacher appreciation week circus themed festivities.

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