Traditions To Make Birthdays Extra Special

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Birthdays should always feel extra special with or without a birthday party. Check out these traditions to make birthdays extra special at your house.

Birthday Interviews

Let each member of the family come up with a few questions they would like to ask the birthday person. Then gather around and get your cameras rolling for some memory making as the birthday person gets to answer each question. It’s a great way to document the year.

Birthday Coupons

We get these a lot at our house when it’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but what about for birthdays. My kids would love a coupon for a ride to school since they walk or for a day off of chores. Maybe even some extra electronic time. This special tradition is absolutely free and is sure to make the birthday extra special.

Measure Their Growth

Growing up my mom didn’t have a giant ruler like this one to measure her height. She did however have a Dad who marked her height on the unfinished basement wall. What a fun thing to do EVERY birthday. You get to see how much you’ve grown as well as document something for your future self. Love the idea of making this something special that is done on birthdays.

Healthy Happy Impactful


There are lots of ways to make meals special on birthdays. Our kids get to pick their birthday breakfast (almost always sticky buns). You could go out to lunch or take lunch to work or school to share. Dinner could be their choice eating in or out. To make it even more special try having a birthday plate for the birthday person to use like this one from Amazon.


Cake At Midnight

Our neighbors family had a fun birthday tradition growing up. Right at 12:01 a.m. on the person’s birthday the family would gather around their bed with cake in hand and sing Happy Birthday. Then you guessed it, they would all eat a piece of cake. Not sure how practical this tradition would be for our family but it would definitely make the day feel extra special.

Write Them A Letter

Seems like there are never enough opportunities for us to tell someone how much we love them and share things that are special about them. Adding a special note as part of the birthday festivities would be something meaningful that each person could save and cherish. Plus it’s FREE!

Make A Candy Bar Poster

We started this tradition years ago and it has evolved. It started out as a legit candy bar poster with sayings that went along with all the candy and it was actually made on poster board. Now days it’s more of a candy bag. We had to do away with the poster board since I never seemed to have any on hand. Instead of writing sentences with the candy bars included it’s just your favorite treats with a 3×5 card attached and my attempt to make a pun out of it. It’s something everyone looks forward to on their birthday.

As much fun as birthday parties are there are lots of other ways to celebrate the big day. Try adding some of these traditions to make birthdays extra special at your house.

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