Diaper Cake Tutorial

Diaper Cake Tutorial - Events To Celebrate

I still remember the first time I made a diaper cake for a baby shower. It was before the days of Pinterest and YouTube tutorials. It was kind of a disaster. I had seen one in a photo and figured it couldn’t be that difficult, but it took me a little while to figure out how to get everything to stay together. Let me give you a few tips that will help you put one together.

Diaper Cake Tutorial

Diaper Cake Tutorial - Events To Celebrate

Supplies Needed:
– Approximately 100 Diapers
– 100 Small Rubber Bands
– 3 Large Rubber Bands
– 3 – 4 Bamboo Skewers
– Ribbon (I used Minnie Mouse Flannel Blankets
– Baby Products for Decoration (like this Minnie Mouse Grooming Kit)

Diaper Cake Tutorial - Events To Celebrate

Step 1:

Roll each diaper starting at the open end and secure with a rubber band. Diaper Cake Tutorial - Events To Celebrate

Step 2:

Method A - Start with a group of diapers (5-7) that you are able to hold in one hand and put a large rubber band around them and stand them up. Stretch the side of the rubber band as you insert 2-3 more diapers at a time until you have as many diapers in that “layer” as you want. 

Method B - Put a large rubber band around groups of 7-10 diapers and stand them up side by side. Stretch a large rubber band around the groups to create one large round. Then, you can take the large rubber bands off of the individual groups. 

Mold the diaper rounds into a nice circle, and if it is a small layer – you may be able to stretch the rubber band around the circle one more time to make the hold even tighter.

Diaper Cake Tutorial - Events To Celebrate

Step 3:

Starting with your base layer (I used 50, 35 & 15 diapers in my layers) stick a few bamboo skewers down through the slots, all the way to the bottom. Then carefully wiggle the next layer over the skewers (they are adding stability), and finally the third layer.

Diaper Cake Tutorial - Events To Celebrate

Step 4:

Once you’ve got all three layers stacked, it’s time to decorate! You can wrap ribbon around the center of each layer (to hide all of the rubber bands). For this cake I took thin receiving blankets, rolled them up and wrapped them around each layer, securing the ends with a rubber band in the back. For the topper I took the 4th blanket that came in the package and bunched it up like a bouquet and used a rubber band to hold the “handle” of the bouquet. Then I pushed the handle down into the center of the top layer. For extra fun detail, I added items from a grooming kit and a few pacifiers.

Diaper Cake Tutorial - Events To Celebrate

 These make a GREAT centerpiece at a baby shower and best of all, the mom-to-be gets to take home the whole thing! In total this one cost me $35 to make.

See the entire Minnie Mouse Baby Shower HERE!

Want more Baby Shower Ideas? Check out the Celebrations & Showers tab at the top of the page!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas

 I was sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. to style a baby shower, one of my favorite things! With over 50 nieces and nephews I’ve done a lot of celebrating! I shopped at Walmart, where you can find all of the Disney Baby products I used that made putting together this Minnie Mouse Baby Shower a breeze! #MagicBabyMoments #CollectiveBias

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

Let’s dive right in! I’ve explained before (in this post on how to throw a shower on a budget), using your gift to the expectant mom as decorations during the shower is a great way to pull double duty on things. You’ll see that I did that throughout the entire party. (I’ll link you to the products, no they aren’t affiliate links, I just wanted to make it easier for you to find exactly what I used.)

Here are a few things I want to point out about the decorations:

– I used simple streamers to transform a plain wall. Usually you see them draped vertically, but I decided to hang them horizontally to change things up a bit. 

– I used the comforter from the Minnie Mouse 3-piece bedding set as the focal point for the refreshments table. I used command strips to hang it and they easily, and cleanly, came off both the wall and the comforter. 

– Even though not everything is Minnie Mouse branded, as long as I kept it in the color palette I selected (pink, black and white) it fit right in!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Gift Table

This was one of my favorite decoration details of the whole party. I used Minnie Mouse crib bedding to accent the gift table (the comforter in the set was used above at the refreshment table)! Brilliant right?!  The crib sheet is pulled over the top of the table (after I draped it with a white table cloth) and then I folded and pinned the crib skirt so that just the one border was showing and pinned that to the edge of the table. I love how it turned out.  And, the Mom-to-be gets to take it home for the nursery once the shower is over!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower - eventstocelebrate.net

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Diaper Cake

This diaper cake not only looked totally adorable on the refreshments table, the mom-to-be gets to take it home! I’ll have a full tutorial on how to make it next week, but I just want to point out a couple of details. 

– I used a 4-pack of Minnie Mouse receiving blankets that are rolled up, as the “ribbon” around each layer. I used a rubber band to hold the ends at the back of the cake. For the topper, I just bunched up the remaining blanket and used a rubber band to secure the “bouquet” shape and then shoved the “handle” of the bouquet down into the top layer of diapers.

– I decorated the layers with the items found inside the Minnie Mouse Grooming Kit along with a couple of Minnie Mouse pacifiers. Isn’t the hairbrush the perfect centerpiece for the cake?!

Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake - Events To Celebrate

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Refreshments

As I also explained in my shower budgeting post, hosting a shower during a time when you can get by with serving refreshments will save you a lot of money over serving a full meal. In this case, I wanted to make sure everything was still themed.  

Minnie Mouse Food Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

Minnie Mouse Turkey & Cheese Wraps (with sriracha mayo), Minnie Mouse Shaped Strawberries & Fruit Dip (equal parts whipped topping to strawberry yogurt) & Minnie Mouse Sugar Cookies (the bows are made from little chocolates in white pearl found in the baking aisle) keep things simple for you! And you can’t forget the darling Minnie Mouse flatware. I accordion folded a pink napkin, used a rubber band to secure the center and a fork placed on top and then adhered a cute Minnie Mouse silhouette made out of cardstock paper.  Minnie Mouse Food - Events To Celebrate

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Games

Both games really focus on products for the mom-to-be to take home as her gifts. One way you could do this is collect contributions from guests and use the items from the games as the group gift.

This first game is really fun because it can be customized to the new baby. I’ve seen it spell out B-A-B-Y-S-H-O-W-E-R, but it’s more personal if you spell the new little ones name. Guests are given a slip of paper and invited to guess (without lifting or peeking) what item they think is inside. The clue is that the item inside the bag starts with the letter on the front of the bag. As the mom-to-be opens the gifts, you see who guessed correctly and the winner is the one who guessed the most correct.

Baby Shower Games - Events To Celebrate .

Here’s what I put inside each bag:
B – Minnie Mouse Bibs
A – Aspirator (found in the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Grooming Kit)
B – Disney Baby Minnie Mouse flannel blankets 
Y – Yellow Ducky
T – Infant Toothbrush
E – Ear Thermometer
S – Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Crib Sheets
S – Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Snuggle Blanket with Plush Doll
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Game - Events To Celebrate.
The second game is BABY SHOWER PRICE IS RIGHT!

Items are displayed on a table with a tag that had two prices on it. Guests are given a form to fill out and they guess which is the correct price and then total all of the items. The guest with the closest total to what is correct, wins a prize and the mom-to-be goes home with all the fun prizes as a gift!

As a side note, have you had a walker for you child? I let my 6 month old son try the Minnie Mouse Walker we used he LOVED it! I’m headed back to get him the Disney Cars version. 

Baby Shower Price Is Right - Events To CelebrateI’m serious though, the fact that the Disney Baby line of products had everything I needed and it all coordinated, made planning this shower so easy! If you head to Walmart you will find it in the baby section and you just look for the green castle logo. 

Disney Baby at WalMart - Events To Celebrate

 Are you hosting a baby shower? Head to Walmart and use these Disney Baby products for a simple, but totally themed shower the mom-to-be will absolutely LOVE! I’d love to hear in the comments what ideas you’ve incorporated!

Paper Flower Lei

Paper Flower Lei - eventstocelebrate.net

My niece had a slip n’slide birthday party a couple of weeks ago and I came up with a few ideas for her. I always like to have a craft for the kids to do, even at a swim type party because it gives those who want a break something fun to do. I got creative with Kool-Aid powder packets by turning them into flowers for the lei! We happen to go through a lot of Kool-Aid at our house and I’ve always thought I should do something with them. I have a thing for anything that comes in a rainbow of colors. But, that said, you could really easily do this with patterned paper. 

Okay, let’s get to it!

Kool-Aid Craft - Events To Celebrate

Supplies Needed:

– Kool-Aid powder packets (you can select any colors you like, there is a whole rainbow to choose from!)
– Cardstock paper in coordinating colors
– Embroidery Floss
– Plastic Beads
– Optional: Plastic straws, yarn needles

Step 1

Paper Crafting with Kool-Aid - eventstocelebrate.net

Cut the bottom off each Kool-Aid packet and empty the powder into a zip top plastic bag (this way you can use it later – 1 tsp = 1 packet), cut off the back and rinse any remaining powder off allowing to dry on a paper towel. 

Step 2

Kool-Aid Craft - eventstocelebrate.net

Cut the paper flowers. I used my Silhouette machine to cut them, but there are a lot of free paper flower templates online you can use or craft punches. I selected a coordinating cardstock for each Kool-Aid flavor.

Paper Flowers for Lei - eventstocelebrate.netStep 3
Paper Flower Lei beading - eventstocelebrate.net

I created a pattern by threading 4 beads, a cardstock paper flower and a Kool-Aid packet flower. I repeated this for each color three times. This is where the optional items come in. If you choose to, you can use 1″ pieces of plastic straws as the spacers between the flowers. If you do that, you can use the yarn needle to thread the lei. 

Step 4

Paper Flower Curling - Events To Celebrate

Curl the edges of each paper flower using a straw or pencil. I curled the cardstock paper flowers back and the Kool-Aid packet flowers forward to add dimension to the paper flower lei. Because of the foil backing on the Kool-Aid packets, they hold the curl really well!

Paper Flower Lei - Events To Celebrate

Once the edges are curled you are all set. Just tie off the end and don your totally cute, totally summer ready paper flower lei. One great side effect of using the Kool-Aid packets is that it smells really good! 

Circus Carnival Party

I’m not sure if these were a carnival party or a circus party, so we’re calling it both! My sister hosted a party for her two daughters and then a week later I was in charge of our Preschool Graduation and so we both did a carnival/circus theme. Both events were planned for outside and were rained out so both got moved inside the church at the last minute. But, regardless of the weather drama, the parties were both a HUGE hit with all the kids! The games and activities were just as much a favorite as the treats. It really is the perfect party theme. A lot of these ideas can also be used for a school carnival, if you happen to be the lucky one who gets put in charge of that! 

Circus Carnival Party Games

Tight Rope - 2×4 they had to walk forward, backward, sideways, holding hands, etc.
Plinko - (also called a Wooden Disk Drop Game) We had races to see who got to the bottom first
Can Toss - 6 spray painted food cans and 4 bean bags to toss
Lawn Bowling - 2-Liter bottles wrapped in patterned paper and a basketball to bowl with
Bean Bag Toss - 4 bean bags and a line drawn to stand behind to toss at the Bean Bag Toss Game 
Ring Toss - empty root beer bottles and 3 rope circles for tossing
Fortune Teller – a kids tent with my niece inside. She had four questions you could ask her and then 4 corresponding cootie catchers for finding the answers to your future. I thought this was so dang cute!
Water Gun Relay - A 2×4 with holes drilled in it for golf tee’s to stand up in. Balance ping pong balls on each tee and let the kids use squirt water guns to knock them off the tee. 
Simple Carnival Games - Events To Celebrate

Fortune Teller Questions: 

Fortune Teller Questions

Carnival Food Ideas

For my nieces birthday parties, we opened up the treats just like the booths at a carnival and the kids loved going from booth to booth.
Fruit Kebabs - Bamboo skewers and different melons and pinneapple for the kids to custom create a fruit kebab
Cotton Candy - The kids loved having 4 flavors to choose from. I also got creative and did two flavors layered on top of each other. The banana cherry combo was AMAZING! I have loved my Cotton Candy Machine and can’t believe how much I use it!
Snow Cones - My niece has a Shaved Ice Maker and they made really awesome syrup flavors using Kool-Aid! The peach and mango were my favorite!
Popcorn - Nothing smells better than fresh popcorn! This little kettle Popcorn Machine is awesome. It uses the butter/salt packets and tastes just like you’re at a movie theater. 
Carnival Treats - eventstocelebrate.netCircus Party Treats

Circus Carnival Party Decorations

I kept the decorations really simple. I just used blue plastic table covers for the base and added a free printable CIRCUS FUN banner (found here). I used the printables in that same free package for the popcorn bags and drink cups. I added a few balloons on the side. 

For the table I just used some dollar store red buckets and put some tissue paper, floral foam and cute circus animal cut-outs that were a free printable (found here) on bamboo skewers. 

Circus Party Centerpiece - FREE PRINTABLES

Popcorn - Again, fresh popped popcorn is so yummy! You’ve got to get a real popcorn maker, you’ll really love it.
Water Cups - 3 and 4 year olds are best trusted with water (we had 3 spills within 5 minutes), but that doesn’t mean the cups and straws can’t be fun! I wrapped white cups with the free printables and then added a fun red and white striped paper straw.
Salt Water Taffy, Red Vines Licorice & Circus Cookies - each child was invited to fill a small brown paper bag (they’re the perfect size) with some yummy treats!
Cotton Candy Garland - I strung individual portions of cotton candy from a jute twine and used clothespins to secure them. The kids LOVED having cotton candy to take home!

Circus Party Food - Events To Celebrate

 I bought a lot of the supplies for the party on Amazon, so I’ve linked you to them in case you want to duplicate what you see. Have a fun party!!

Love Is Sweet Bridal Shower

Last week I helped put together a bridal shower for my nephews new bride. After getting my cotton candy machine, I declared that the next bridal shower would be themed “Love Is Sweet” – and since I was in charge, that’s what we did.


Let me show you some of the cute details:

Love Is Sweet Banner

Over the fireplace I hung a couple of tulle pom pom garlands. I made a LOVE IS SWEET banner by cutting out glittered canvas and cardstock letters with my Silhouette machine and gluing them together. Then I clipped bags of cotton candy to one of the tulle garlands with gold glittered clothespins. 

Love Is Sweet Decorations

In the kitchen where the food was served I set up mason jars that I painted with metallic gold craft paint and then rolled in gold glitter. On each jar I added a tissue paper pom pom. I framed sweet sayings and added a tulle knot to the frame.

Gold Glitter Mason Jars Washi Tape Cups

The cups and chevron print paper straws were glitzed up by adding Gold Washi Tape to them. Don’t they look ready to party? 

IMG_0473 Love Is Sweet Refreshments

Pictured above are the topping options for the brownies and vanilla ice cream. My sister made her homemade chocolate fudge sauce – oh mercy! Guests could also drizzle caramel topping and sprinkle chopped pecans – but don’t forget a generous amount of whipped topping! We also served chicken salad sandwiches in mini croissants and fruit. 

Mad Libs Wedding Vows


The activities were really simple to put together. We did Mad Lib Wedding Vows, you can get the free printable here, and Bridal Shower Bingo, which happens to be my favorite shower game ever (no lie). You can get that free printable here

Bridal Shower Bingo

Bridal Shower Bingo Free Printable - eventstocelebrate.net


Last night at the bridal shower for my nephews soon-to-be bride, we played Bridal Shower Bingo. It’s one of my favorite games to play at a shower (baby or bridal) because it gives the guests something to do while the gifts are opened. I will admit, it is a totally selfish reason for me, because I find the gift opening to be really boring most of the time. This turns it into a fun game with guests shouting BINGO when they’ve got 5 in a row. Then I let them pick a prize and the gift opening continue!

I created a really simple and FREE PRINTABLE Bridal Shower Bingo card. Have a great time at your next bridal shower with it! Simply print it out, distribute to guests with a pen and have them fill in the squares with gifts they think she might receive. Then as gifts are opened they cross off any they guessed correctly. When someone gets 5 in a row, they yell “BINGO!” and get a small prize. 

Bridal Shower Bingo Free Printable

Rules for use:
– My free printables are for personal use only.
– They may not be modified, sold or used for profit in any way.
– If you feature or repost them, please give Events to Celebrate proper credit with a link back to this post.

Mad Libs Wedding Vows

My nephew is getting married and so I’m helping throw a shower for his fiance. I decided one of the activities we will do is Mad Lib Wedding Vows. You’ve probably seen all the cute individual print-outs to do them at a shower or wedding, but I prefer filling one out as a group. It’s a lot more fun and gets everyone involved at the same time. Then, once it is filled out I read it aloud and everyone has a good laugh. 

Mad Libs Wedding Vows - eventstocelebrate.net

Mad Libs Wedding Vows

You know I’m selective about the games I will play at a shower (as I’ve mentioned here and here) but this one really is fun and only takes a few minutes so everyone is up for participating. 

I have really terrible handwriting, so rather than scribbling the vows on the poster board, I printed the words, cut them out and glued them to the poster board. It doesn’t look 100% professional, but it looks 100% better than if I had handwritten it. Trust me. 

If you’re like me, and you need help in the hand writting department, here is the document that you can just print, cut and paste onto your own poster board. Let the laughter ensue!

Bridal Shower Mad Lib Wedding Vows

Despicable Me 2 Party Favors

Despicable Me Party Favors - eventstocelebrate.net


The Evil Minions from the movie Despicable Me 2 are the perfect party theme. They have such strong characteristics, and you can have so much fun with them! I’ve loved all the Despicable Me birthday party ideas I’ve seen over the last few years, but wanted to put this out there as well. I found these FREE PRINTABLE treat boxes (there are lots of free Despicable Me printables on this site) and they were BEGGING to have some cotton candy hair!! Now they really do look like the Purple Minions. They’d make a perfect Despicable Me 2 party favor!!

Despicable Me Party Favors - eventstocelebrate.net

My only wish, is that the purple cotton candy color isn’t more intense. But, I guess that goes with cotton candy, it is pastel no matter what color you’re spinning. 

Despicable Me Party Favors - eventstocelebrate.net

Don’t have a cotton candy machine? This is the one I have and I LOVE IT!!  – Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine

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