Trolls Birthday Party Invitation

In just a few weeks my little girl turns 6! I’m not sure how time has passed so quickly, but I certainly am not ready to have a 6 year old! She has wanted a Trolls roller skating party since seeing the movie and so I put together her Trolls birthday party invitation the other day. I went to the DreamWorks Trolls movie page, copied an image from the main page and pasted it into my publisher program. It had some text in the center so I just added my own text box over the top of it with the party info. Then I saved the files and emailed them out. We are out of town up until the party, so this year it is going to be a little different than her past parties where I decorate the  entire party space to fit the theme (like her Pirate, Butterfly, Disney Princess and Rainbow parties). In fact, we will be having it at a fun center that has a roller skating rink, bouncy toys and an arcade. She is REALLY excited! I am excited that I at least get to put together cute favor bags for the party!  

Trolls Birthday Party Invitation

Trolls Birthday Party Invitation

I really like to theme the wording on the invite, so I used the lyrics from one of the songs in the movie as the intro to the invitation. Cute, right?! And, my favorite part is the NO TROLLS LEFT BEHIND rsvp. 🙂

Planning a Trolls themed party? These are my favorite party supplies:

  • Hot Pink Tulle : so you can make those super cute Poppy hair/headbands – this is my favorite tutorial for them on Pinterest
  • Trolls Cupcake Kit: The cupcake wrappers alone make me want this kit – so darling!!
  • Trolls Pez Dispensers (pack of 12): they are the cutest party favor ever!
  • Trolls Party kit: this is a FREE party kit done by DreamWorks that has invitations, party flags, a Pin the Hair on Creek game and free cupcake circles! FREE – that’s the best party supply ever! Just download it and print!

Fathers Day Candy Bar Poster

What’s better than celebrating our favorite Dad with this Father’s Day Candy Bar Poster?! My husband is quite the candy connoisseur and so this candy bar poster really is the perfect thing for him! He would rather eat out of a gas station, and frequently does since he is on the road ALL THE TIME for his job, than regular food. I think he may still be in jr high, which is when I would use my lunch money to buy a candy bar and a diet coke from the vending machines. To each his own, right? Regardless, this was really fun to do with my daughter (we had do to do it during nap time so my 2 year old son wouldn’t eat all of the candy). The part they are looking forward to most is helping him consume all of this sugary goodness on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Candy Bar Poster

Father's Day Candy Bar Poster - eventstocelebrate.netThe wording is:

Dear Dad – 

We hope Father’s Day is EXTRA special! We wanted to get you a KAT or trip to New YORK but knew you’d rather spend time with your little PATCH of kids. We were MINT to be a family! Luckily, Mom thinks you are a BIG LEAGUE HUBBA BUBBA and not a NERDS! We love that you are a big SMARTIE, XTREMELY fun and always a JOY to be around! 

We love you to PIECES!!!


Father's Day Candy Bar Poster -


Superhero Party Games and Crafts

The Superhero Party games and crafts for my nieces party were seriously so much fun! Did you love the decorations and food I shared last week from the party? They were really simple, but there was no doubt what theme the party was thanks to them! And, I’m in a stage of life where easy to put together is a good thing! 

Superhero Girl Party Games and Crafts

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Superhero Girl Party Ideas

My niece Sue turned seven last week and I got to help my sister throw her a Superhero Girl party! It was one of my favorite parties to date! The crafts and games around the theme were so fun! She considered a different theme, but once I showed her the SUPER cute Superhero Girl decorations and crafts on the Oriental Trading website, she was sold!

So this post isn’t a mile long, I’ll detail the decor and food here and the crafts and games in another post. Superhero Girl Birthday Party: Decorations and Food

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47 Teacher Appreciation Doors

Last month we celebrated Teacher Appreciation week at my daughters elementary school. There were so many creative teacher appreciation doors! I was at the school helping with the Teacher Appreciation lunch and breakfast that week so I walked around and snapped pictures of them. I shared several of them on instagram, but today I wanted to share them here as well. I also collected a few from friends of mine as well as a few from my daughters elementary school a few years ago.

Teacher Appreciation Doors

47 Teacher Appreciation Doors

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End of School Year Gift Tag Printable

In just a few weeks summer break will be here! I’m helping the kindergarten teachers with Field Day by making these cute little goodie bags for them to give their students. My daughter has LOVED kindergarten and has had an amazing teacher. I’m actually feeling really sad that she can’t stay in kindergarten forever. I cried and cried when she began school and the other night found myself crying again because it has passed so quickly. Next year she will be a big 1st grader and I’m not prepared for that! To help soothe my pain, I’ve decided helping with the fun end of the school year activities will keep me focused on the positive!

End of School Year Gift Tag Printable -

I made this cute end of school year gift tag for you to use. You can print it out for FREE!

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Helpful Infertility Quotes

National Infertility Awareness Week – April 23-29,2017

I have infertility. In the beginning, those first 3 years of our marriage, I was a mess anytime a friend told me about their pregnancy, especially if they didn’t mean to get pregnant. I felt so much guilt that my body didn’t work the way it is supposed to. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of the amazing husband I have because I am “broken”. In the culture of my religion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) the emphasis on families is one of the greatest aspects, but for those with infertility it can feel alienating. Having a family is filling the measure of our creation, and it’s the one thing you can’t make happen despite the invasive tests and procedures you have heaped upon yourself and the tens of thousands of dollars you have spent. It inevitably leads to heartache and frustration. I spent many mornings crying in my closet holding a negative pregnancy test. Even after years of tests and procedures, I still thought maybe there would be a chance that it would be positive.

Where Do I Fit In?

You might know that I am raising three of my beautiful children. That is one aspect that is tricky with infertility, having success with a certain infertility treatment (In Vitro Fertilization in our case) doesn’t end your infertility. To add complexity, when you become pregnant, you carefully tiptoe out of the infertility support groups you have been a part of for years and where you have found so much compassion and support. You see, they don’t want you there anymore. You now represent what is breaking their hearts. So, you exit only to enter a place that is empty and alone. You are not really a part of the traditional mommy groups where they get pregnant each time they try for a month or two. It was only recently that I found a group on facebook for parenting after infertility. It is the first “home” feeling I’ve had in 6 years. Those in that group understand where I’m at right now.

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Teacher Appreciation Week Free Gift Tag

For Teacher Appreciation Week I’m trying to focus on doing things for the teacher that are useful/helpful or things that she loves! This tag might seem like an odd choice, but my daughters teacher says her favorite food is CHEESE! So, it’s perfect for her! Don’t be deterred though if you don’t want to give a wedge of cheese, this free printable Cheesy gift tag would work great with lots of items!  You could add it to a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory, Doritos, Cheetos, Easy Cheese and Crackers, etc.

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift: Cheese

Teacher Appreciation Cheesy Gift Tag

To print the FREE Cheesy Gift Tag, click here: Teacher Appreciation Gift Cheese

Rules for use:
– My printables are for personal use only. They may not be modified, sold or used for profit in any way.
– If you feature them or repost them, please give Events to Celebrate proper credit with a link back to this post.


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