Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Ideas

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It’s A Beautiful Day In Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Birthday Party

My daughter turns 2 in July and she is in love with Daniel Tiger and Curious George so naturally I considered both of those as themes for her birthday party. I had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas but, then I settled on a different theme. Still, I wanted to share some of the ideas I thought of for the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood birthday party, just in case you’re planning for your little one. I really love the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – and luckily I’ve had the opportunity to watch most of the episodes with my daughter. We sing the songs and recreate the recipes or crafts – it’s a lot of fun!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Birthday Activities

The land of make believe is filled with friendly and helpful neighbors. It would be so fun to base different party stations on the various places Daniel visits in the neighborhood:

Baker Aker’s Bakery: Here Daniel makes banana bread with his Dad as a gift for his mom. He also gets his Tiger birthday cake here and decorates it himself! This would be so fun to incorporate into your party! Provide little aprons or chef’s hats and a small cupcake or tiger shaped cookie to decorate. You could also serve banana bread along side the baked treat they get to decorate.

The Crayon Factory: One afternoon Daniel and his friends visit the crayon factory and learn from Lady Elaine how to make crayons (this was always my favorite Picture, Picture on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood). Print off these Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood coloring pages from PBSkids.org and provide lots of colorful crayons for a coloring station.

The Clock Factory: Daniel’s father works at the Clock Factory and one afternoon Daniel and his friends met there for a picnic with him out on the lawn. Take the kids outside and let them enjoy their banana bread, some sliced fruit, juice and  the cookie/cupcake they decorated.

Music Man Stan’s Music Shop: Daniel’s father needs his trumpet repaired so they visit Music Man Stan for help. Let the kids make musical instruments and create their own music! Color the bottom of two paper plates and staple them top side together. Fill with beans or rice using a funnel before doing the last staple and you’ve got a shaker!

Speedy Delivery!: Daniel learns that making something is one way to say I Love You. With the help of his mom he writes a note to his dad and takes it to the post office so that Mr. McFeely can deliver it as a special surprise! Have each child pull a name of another party guest from a bag and they get to write a note to that person. Then have them delivered by the birthday person acting as Mr. McFeely!

Katerina Kittycat Loves to Dance!: Daniel learns how to twirl from Katerina one afternoon. Turn on some fun music and let the children dance while they shake their shakers! Did you know that you can buy the show’s music and the fun songs they sing on Itunes?!

O the Owl Loves to Read!: Slow down and read a favorite story of the birthday child during the picnic – just like O the Owl would do.

Jungle Beach Banana Swirl: At home Daniel tries something new when his mom makes him Banana Swirl. Simply place peeled and cubed bananas in the freezer for a few hours ahead of time (you don’t want them completely frozen) and then process them on high in a blender to create a smooth, sweet, frosty treat to serve. Scoop into cones and top with a fresh banana slice and sprinkles.

Making Something Special: Daniel makes a necklace out of beads for his Mom as a way to say I Love You. Provide string and plastic beads and let guests create their own beaded necklace either for themselves or for another guest at the party.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Party Details

– Let your little one wear a red cardigan sweater with a Trolley patch (that you can purchase for $1.50 here) just like Daniel does on the show!

– As a special gift – get them this set of 5 Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood figurines featuring Daniel, Katerina, Elaina, O the Owl and Prince Wendesday!

– If it’s too warm for a cardigan – purchase one of these cute Daniel Tiger tshirts– they are so adorable and they have several colors and styles!

Daniel Tiger Shirt

– Create a cardboard  cutout Trolley for a photo prop and take the kids pictures during the party like this one:


Print out these darling Daniel Tiger masks and attach thin elastic  to each side for guests to wear on their faces.


– Decorate with these printable trolley’s that you can color and fold into a 3D trolley!


If you do plan a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood party – I want to see pictures!! Ugga Mugga!

Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Ideas


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