PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas

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It’s time to be a hero! Into the night to save the day! My kids are obsessed with PJ Masks right now and my four year old INSISTED on a PJ Masks birthday party this year.

It was a lot of fun to plan, especially since he helped pick the games, the treats and got so excited when helping me build the PJ Masks HQ. I hope these PJ Masks birthday party ideas will help you save the day for your little super hero!

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net


I purchased this amazing PJ Masks Wall Decoration Backdrop from Amazon and it saved the day. It came with the pictured backdrop, the Happy Birthday banner and the photo op pieces that I used for all of the centerpieces and on the HQ box. It was so inexpensive and went a LONG way!

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

The Dollar Tree saved the day on the balloons, streamers and pom pom decorations as well as the green paper cups. I got the paper plates, napkins and plastic table cloth at Target for a few bucks each. So, really, for less than $20 I had a room full of really awesome PJ Masks birthday party decorations!

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

To assemble the PJ Masks centerpiece decorations, I wrapped a quart size mason jar in tissue paper and added balloons (on balloon sticks) and the photo op props that came with the backdrop. I made one for each of the main characters and then one of all of the villains.

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

Lucky for us (not really), we had to purchase a new water heater for our house just before the party. That gave us this awesome box to use for the PJ Masks Headquarters! I cut a door in the back for the kids to have access to the inside. Then, I used a dollar store plastic table cover to wrap the box. Using a gazillion pieces of tape, I added the wings and ears. Last, I added the  faces and wing decorations.


PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

Kids that are 4, really just want yummy treats at a birthday party. Since we weren’t serving a meal, I just did a simple treat for each character.

  • Popcorn in green cups for GEKKO,
  • Cherry cotton candy for OWLETTE and blue Kool-Aid for CATBOY.
  • Then, because my son’s favorite character is Gekko, I made green swirl cupcakes. I found a PJ Masks cupcake kit that had PJ Masks liners, sprinkles and cupcake coins to go on top.
  • I used a funfetti cake mix because the sprinkles were green, red and blue.
PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net


As the kids arrived at the party they got to get dressed up as one of the PJ Masks. I made some simple super hero capes by cutting them from dollar store plastic table covers.

Then, I made some wrist bands (like they wear in the show) from craft foam. The most important piece of the puzzle was the PJ Masks printable masks. I downloaded them from the PJ Masks website and had them printed on cardstock paper.

Then I cut them out and added a thin cord of elastic so the kids could wear them.

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

Once they were all ready to save the day we did an activity for each character from the show:

  • Catboy: We played Duck, Duck, Goose to test their SUPER CAT SPEED!
  • Owlette: We played Hide & Go Seek to test their SUPER OWL EYES!
  • Gekko: We had a good old fashioned tug-o-war to test their SUPER GEKKO MUSCKLES!
  • Romeo: We did a science experiement in Romeo’s lab – a baking soda and vinegar volcano!
  • Nijalino’s: We made STICKY SPLAT! Homemade 4-ingredient slime that we tinted green.
  • Luna Girl: We kept balloons (MOONBALLS) up in the air while I played music from the PJ Masks soudtrack.

Then, I also found some free printable PJ Masks bingo cards and we played that as well. The kids loved all of the games and I loved that they were so simple to put together! All-in-all it was a fantastic party and my little boy LOVED it!

Here is a link for printable PJ Masks bingo! https://bingobaker.com/view/1845590

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