Relief Society Ministering Ideas Calendar Printable

Currently, I’m serving in the Relief society for my ward. For February, we thought it would be fun to create a calendar to pass out to all the sisters, with their assignments stapled to it. I love the ideas we came up with, so I wanted to share it!

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I added a quote at the bottom of the calendar that I just love. It says,

“What does ministering look like? It looks like becoming part of someone’s life and caring about him or her”.

Sister Jean B. Bingham

So, here’s the 28 LDS Ministering Ideas we came up with

  • Day 1: Invite your sisters to Kneaders (we invited the entire relief society to meet up with us at the closest restaurant. We had about 16 ladies show up! It was really fun!
  • Day 2: Pray for inspiration on how to serve your sister this month. Use this day to be open to the spirit this month.
  • Day 3: Have a cookie or delivery service drop off a treat to your sister. I love Crumbl!! But there are lots of options these days.
  • Day 4: Text your sister a link to a talk you found inspiring. The gospel library app has a verse and quote of the day that can be great to share!
  • Day 5: Invite your sister to attend Stake Conference with you. Attending meetings is so much more comfortable when you have a friend to sit with.
  • Day 6: Research about a hobby your sister has interest in. Even just trying to learn a little about it can do a lot to show her that you care.
  • Day 7: Invite your sister to a group exercise class like Yoga or High Fitness. I love getting some friends together and doing a workout!
  • Day 8: Find out birthdays for your sister’s family members, and put them in your calendar. I always like to set a reminder the day before, so I have time to grab something or make a card.
  • Day 9: Plan a date with your sister to participate in one of her hobbies. After doing a little research earlier in the month, it will be super easy to find something you can enjoy together.
  • Day 10: Make a positive affirmations jar for your sister. We’ve all had hard days, and this is a way to be there for your sister even when you aren’t physically together.
  • Day 11: Text your sister a compliment. It will be the simplest surprise that just brightens her day.
  • Day 12: Invite your sister to join choir with you! Having a buddy will encourage both of you to go and participate!
  • Day 13: Heart attack your sister’s door. With a little construction paper, scissors, and tape, you can transform her door.
  • Day 14: Deliver a Valentine’s card to your sister. Whether it is homemade or picked up from the store, the sweet gesture will put a smile on her face!
  • Day 15: Send or make your sister a festive recipe that you enjoy. I definitely get bored of my cooking and love recipe suggestions, and I’m sure your ministering sister feels the same way.
  • Day 16: Invite your sister to ward temple night. A specific invite can go a long way.
  • Day 17:Text your sister that you’re thinking of her. It’s the little things like this that can really forge a meaningful friendship.
  • Day 18: Invite your sister or her family for dinner. Food is an easy way to connect with others.
  • Day 19: Give your sister a hug. Sometimes that’s just the things you need.
  • Day 20: On your way to the store? Pick up an extra chapstick or lipgloss to give them help with the dry weather. Even her favorite snack! Doesn’t have to be much to make a difference.
  • Day 21: Email or text an inspiring picture you took recently. Pictures can be a great conversation starter and give you the chance to ask how things are going for her.
  • Day 22: Bring your sister a flower or plant. It’s even better if you can find out what her favorite kind of flower is and bring those.
  • Day 23: Share something about a favorite activity or experience you enjoyed this month. Opening up about the recent events in your life will encourage her to open up too.
  • Day 24: Deliver a treat or bread anonymously to your sister’s door. Bake some brownies or cookies with your kids and then deliver them!
  • Day 25: Send or email them the title or lyrics of your favorite song. I love getting song suggestions from others! Music can tell a lot about a person, so you can help her get to know you through music.
  • Day 26: Make an effort to connect with your sister at church today. Church is one of the most convenient ways to interact if you are both there. Hop on the opportunity to say a quick hello.
  • Day 27: Have your sister (or sisters) over for a game night. This is a great way to reach out to other friends and neighbors and enjoy a night together.
  • Day 28: Invite your sister to go for a walk. Long walks with friends can give you the change to talk in a casual way. It’s one of my favorite ways to connect with people!

PDF printable of this ministering calendar

Here’s a canva link if you would like to copy and edit it.

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