Bug Themed Birthday Party

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Bug Party - Ant Hill Cake

This creepy, crawly bug themed birthday party was submitted by Rochelle, and it is so fantastic! I know so many little ones that would think this party is perfect! Just look at the Ant Mountain Cake her boys helped her decorate (with crushed grasshopper cookies coating the outside – perfect for the theme and delicious!).

She welcomed guests with a trail of bug stickers (buy a Bug Sticker Book):

Bug Party - Bug sticker decorations
Bug Party - Bug Sticker Decorations (2)

Bug Birthday Party Crafts:

And then they got to work making some really fun bug crafts!

Bug Catcher Necklaces (yarn, beads and the $.25 machine plastic containers for keeping bugs in)

A Special Decorated Bug Jar (found here:Plastic Bug Jar Craft Kit – 12 per pack)

Lightning Bugs (empty plastic water bottle, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, construction paper wings and glow sticks to put inside)

A Cootie for each child to take home! (Cootie 4 Pack)

Bug Party Activities - Bug Catcher Necklaces
Bug Party Activities - Making a Bug Catching Jar
Bug Party Activities- Making Lightning Bugs
Bug Party Activities Making Cooties

Bug Birthday Party Activities:

After making fun crafts they did a couple of really fun activities!

Read Very Hungry Caterpillar (You can purchase The Very Hungry Caterpillar here)

Searched through puffed rice cereal for little bug toys to put into their bug jars (here is a great deal on 144 Plastic Mini Insect Toys)

Ate Chocolate Covered Crickets!!! (You can find some to purchase here – they even come with a badge for the eater to wear with pride!)

Bug Party Idea - Searching for Bugs
Bug Party Activities - Bug Search in Puffed Rice Cereal
Bug Party Activities - Eating Chocolate Dipped Crickets

It makes my skin shiver just thinking of all the creepy, crawly fun they had! I am so impressed they were all brave enough to try the chocolate crickets! Way to go on planning such a fun party Rochelle!

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