Fairy Princess Themed Party

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This enchanting Fairy Princess themed birthday party was thrown by my sister Beth for her daughter Mary.  When asked on her birthday what she wanted, she told her brother that she wanted a real live fairy to come to her house. She is such a cute little lady who really believes in fairies – and I won’t tell her they don’t exist – no way. Mary’s mom, did so many fun activities for this party that I want to share with you.

When the girls arrived there were 4 stations set up with a helper at each station. It was explained to the girls that in order to become a fairy, and earn their fairy wings they had to complete all four stations and then they would get to have a fairy dance and tea party. So, off the 12 little ones went!

Face painting: My sister and I worked at this station, be kind, I’m no artist! I watched this tutorial on You Tube the night before and tried to remember it as I worked on those tiny little faces.

Fairy Party Facepainted
Fairy Party face painting

 Coloring a Fairy Picture: The children each colored a fairy picture and had it attached to a paper bag that they would later use to collect candy from the pinata!

Fairy Party Coloring pages

Beth had her daughters color a number of fairy pictures ahead of time and hung them from the ceiling as decoration. I love when the kids get to be involved, it makes it so much more personal to them. As I arrived they excitedly pointed out the ones that they had colored. It was so cute!

Fairy Party Decor

Cupcake decorating: Beth made these beautiful chocolate butterfly wings following this tutorial. Each child got to frost and decorate a cupcake for themselves!

Chocolate Butterfly wings
Chocolate Butterfly cupcakes

Fairy Wand: No Fairy Princess is complete without a wand! Using bamboo skewers, cardstock butterflies and lots of embellishments including stickers, markers, curling ribbon and fuzzy pom poms – each child made their very own wand.


Once all the children had completed the four stations they were given their Fairy Princess wings and danced around in the backyard to “fairy princess” music (courtesy of Enya).

IMG_9269 IMG_9266 IMG_9262Then it was time for the tea party. Beth created a Fairy Princess oasis by cutting plastic table covers into fringe and securing them all around her trampoline – pretty creative if you as me! Each child was given a plate with their decorated cupcake and some snacks and ate inside the oasis.

Fairy Party food


Lastly, they broke into a piniata and shared the candy. Below is my niece who got to wear big glittery fairy princess wings (found at TJMaxx).

Fairy Party Piniata

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  1. Oh Beth. This is a party to remember. I can’t believe your gorgeous chocolate butterfly wings!! You are spectacular. Do you know none of my kids have ever had a birthday party? Except one. And I do believe you were at that one; we went to the gymnastics place by our old house and had pizza. So…there’s that. And Tia, this blog is awesome. Good work, Roskelley women!

  2. These pictures are so great. Thanks for making the party seem awesome. I was worn out by it, but all that matters is that everybody had a great time!

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