Jungle Book Party Ideas

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Jungle Book Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

The Jungle Book DVD was re-released last week. It was a favorite of mine as a child and I was so excited to introduce it to my daughter. We’ve watched it several times since we bought it and now she toddles around the house singing “bare necessities!”. It’s adorable. We had a party with some friends and ate yummy food, colored fun pictures and watched the movie – dancing along with every song in the movie!

Jungle Book Party Decorations:

Jungle Book Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate (2)

I kept the decorations really simple. I cut green kraft paper (available at many party or school supply stores) into 4″ strips and then cut them into “fringe” and twisted them from the ceiling to the wall to mimic jungle vines. I also hung green streamers and added some cardstock leaves with a bit of tape. I purposely used different colors to bring out the jungle look and feel. It was really easy to do and I think added the perfect touch for the party. 

Jungle Book Decorations

Jungle Book Party Food:

Jungle Book Party Food

I kept the food really fresh and healthy. I love serving sandwiches and salads as a “build-your-own” bar so people can load up the veggies and toppings just how they like it. 

For the main dish I made this Kaa Snake Sandwich. I took two french bread loaves and cut them at a bias, turning them so they curved around and made a slithery snake. We added a cucumber skin tongue, two cucumber skin circles and olive halves for the eyes. 

Snake Sandwich

Here is the diagram I followed for cutting each of the loaves. Then I just moved the pieces around until I was happy with the shape. 

Snake Sandwich Cutting Diagram

 We also served some fresh tropical fruits: pineapple, mango and grapes with a fluffy fruit dip (1/2 strawberry yogurt, 1/2 whipped topping). 

Jungle Book Party Ideas

 Jungle Book Party Activities:

I took six Jungle Book Coloring Pages (from here) and created a printable Jungle Book Movie Passport. The kids colored the pictures and then as we watched the show, as they saw that scene in the movie they checked the box on the picture. At the end of the show, they got a prize (a gumball, which incidentally got stuck in one of the kids hair after he got home and his mom had to cut it out – oops!). 

Jungle Book Coloring Pages

They just print in black and white and you fold and staple them together. You can print them out right here: Jungle Book Movie Passport – Events To Celebrate & Jungle Book Movie Passport pg 2 – Events To Celebrate


This party was a hit with just the bare necessities: great food, friends, fun activities and the Jungle Book for a perfect party! For more fun Jungle Themed Party ideas – check out this post. 


  1. What a fun party! I love the decorations and what you served. Even though I have a phobia of the “main food” on the table I surprisingly didn’t close this tab and moved on because it turned out super cute! And Jungle Book is one of my favorites! I might have to stop at Walmart and get the blue ray version soon. And aren’t digital copies the best? both of my little do the same thing with our dvds. Lol

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